Your data is valuable: keep it close
with localized document storage

We’re global, so you can be local

The same intuitive simplicity and security you’ve come to expect from an Ansarada Data Room. Only now, your documents are closer to home.

We have localized document storage in Europe, South-East Asia, and the United States for our Data Rooms, as well as at our base in Australia. Because, like you, we’re global. So we’ve made sure our data storage is too. All our data is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, whose infrastructure guarantees the highest level of data security.

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Put simply, because security comes first. As a company that has always put the privacy and security of our customers ahead of anything else, global document storage is another way for us to offer flexibility for our global customer base – without compromising the Data Room our customers know and love.

Data and privacy requirements vary around the globe, with new laws being developed quickly to keep pace with changing technologies.

Localized document storage enables our Data Room customers to be compliant with the requirements of their home base, while simultaneously benefitting from the expertise and reach of a global company. Let us keep up with the rapidly changing regulations, so you don’t have to worry.

How does it work?

Our core data centers remain at our headquarters in Australia, providing power and stability to our product, while all at-rest content can be stored in-region by our customers based on their requirements. This ensures the product retains effectiveness, while giving customers the benefit of choice.

When setting up a Data Room, customers can choose their preferred document storage location based on what is important to them. That means complete peace of mind; there’ll be zero concerns as to where your documents are kept at any given moment, because you’ll know they are exactly where you need them to be.

Privacy policy

As part of our ongoing commitment to global data requirements, we’ve put steps in place to allow our customers to be in the best position for meeting upcoming changes to privacy legislation, including the EU Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We’ll keep you abreast of all changing regulations, so that you’re never left unsure of which way to proceed. To learn more about Ansarada’s privacy and security policies, visit our website here.

Driving positive change

With GDPR coming into effect, these latest changes and future reforms in data laws will ultimately be to the benefit of everyone. Regulations will hold companies accountable for managing data appropriately and expose any that are putting your data at risk. We’re supportive of this change, and confident with the knowledge that our products uphold the highest standards for privacy and security - today and tomorrow.

Global document storage

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Stay compliant and risk-free

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