Build your pipeline faster and get your clients ready for any material event – expected or otherwise – with the Material Information Platform

Go from coffee to close like never before

The Material Information Platform is based on insights from over 20,000 deals, and it’s designed to do one thing for you as an advisor: help you optimize every aspect of your pipeline. Amplify your team's capacity to accelerate deal preparation and execution. Connect with clients and nurture prospects earlier - and better.

Offer a stand-out service that companies love

The platform enables you to support clients from the initial ‘hello’ so you can establish trust and add value from the beginning. Get a previously unseen view of a company’s trajectory and track their progress towards a material event or deal like never before. It’s what’s going to win you business – and put you in a completely different league to your competition.

Actionable insights that give you an edge

Get full visibility of every client, every deal and all material information and activity in one secure location, so you can see exactly what stage they’re at and prioritise for maximum effect. No more time wasted not knowing, switching between platforms, or searching for documents to find answers.

Fortune favours the prepared

Hope is not a strategy, readiness is

Armed with everything you need in one place and the tools to quickly navigate and analyze critical information, your clients will be ready to make the most of every opportunity that crosses their path. And that’s valuable news that will always be well received.

Knowing is better than guessing

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, the platform uncovers learnings based on the data-driven insights of more than 20,000 material events. Get an accurate, real-time view of where things stand in each transaction, for the upper hand when it comes to your deal strategy.

Get ready and stay ready with the Platform

Our Material Information Platform allows you to increase value, eliminate risk, accelerate deals, and seize opportunities before they come knocking

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  • Scorecards: Use scorecards for a client’s risk and opportunity assessment, to chart progress, and to benchmark their readiness for a material event in just 15 minutes
  • Dashboards: Speed up material event preparation, with an inclusive view that shows you exactly where you should be investing your time and energy
  • Content library: A repository of best practice content helps you develop key areas of your clients business where gaps are identified, accelerating deal preparation and creating a sense of urgency to improve

Get ready and stay ready with the Platform

Introducing the world's first Material Information Platform

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