Don’t let inefficiencies slow you down

Let’s face it: the deals process is in rough shape, with struggles at every turn. Wary clients are driving a trend towards fixed and success fee models, pushing advisors to differentiate their services and demonstrate value. Deal teams waste hundreds of hours on manual tasks while navigating the disparate channels and systems they use to manage clients, insights and activity. The lack of visibility isn’t just inefficient; it’s also incredibly risky.

Legacy behaviour is costing you too much. Add up your potential with our deal efficiency calculator and find out how much you’re leaving behind.

Bad process is bad business. It’s time to dump slow, fractured workflows and upgrade with Ansarada’s platform.

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Redefine your advisory

Imagine automated deal preparation. Simplified processes. Free time to engage with and nurture multiple clients. That’s what we offer.

Backed by AI-powered systems, Ansarada identifies red flags before they can become problems. From gaps to potential pitfalls, you’ll see trouble a mile away and eliminate the guesswork.

Doing great business means knowing everything relevant to the deal. Ansarada ensures you know exactly what you need to do, when you need to, to close effectively.

360 degrees of visibility

Bring all your client and material information together into a single dashboard for an always-on view of activity and insights in real time.

Highlight gaps and opportunities

Objective, outcome-based scorecards help you assess business, chart progress, and benchmark your client’s readiness for a material event based on the outcomes of over 20,000 deals.

Know exactly what the next move should be

Get the foresight to act with certainty on opportunities, with enough time to positively impact the outcome of the deal.

Accelerate deals and increase value

Task automation speeds up deal preparation and execution processes, so you can build your opportunity pipeline faster and offer clients a high touch customer service with minimal effort.

Be ready to seize your next opportunity

Ansarada allows you to increase value, eliminate risk, accelerate deals, and seize opportunities before they come knocking.

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