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Advisors: Your top picks for 2018

2018 has been a massive year (where did the time go?), with a number of game-changing feature launches that are already transforming the way advisors operate.

To wrap up 2018, we wanted to give you a gift: the best updates and advice the year had to offer. Here’s a countdown of the year’s best stories – as selected by you and your peers. Enjoy!


Number 5: How to protect your deal from risk

People make mistakes; it’s in our nature. Previously, there was no way to safeguard against human error in the deal process – especially with so much of it done manually.

With the launch of our new deal security engine, we could finally say with confidence that we’d brought the risk of human error down to zero. Read more


Number 4: The end of deal click anxiety

Behind every click in due diligence is a critical action or decision – and a huge amount of pressure. One wrong click and the entire deal is at risk, not to mention your own reputation and career.

We’ve seen the mistakes and the double checking firsthand, and it’s no way for anyone to work. That’s why we took steps to protect you from risk and raise the bar on security – it’s all part of what we call high performance deal management, and it does everything legacy data rooms don’t. Read more


Number 3: Work smarter – How advisors can kill low-value work

The amount of work advisors and their teams put into deals is constantly underestimated, with even the most basic material events accounting for hundreds of hours of manual work.

At the start of the year, we took a look at the ways advisors can kill low value work and free up time for prospecting and growing their pipeline instead. And they are still highly relevant today. Read more


Number 2: Could due diligence ever be fun?

Getting your clients to deviate from BAU to collaborate on due diligence is tough. Without their timely cooperation, you can expect significant delays and unnecessary risk – but who is going to get excited about rifling through documents?

Well, with some basic psychology, it’s possible. We demonstrate how advisors can use elements of gaming to get companies more engaged from the beginning and to stay invested throughout the process. Read more


We’re done with legacy data room pricing

In October, we made the exciting announcement that we were putting an end to paying for data rooms by the page or by the megabyte – one of the final nails in the coffin for legacy data rooms.

With so much reliance on guesswork, bill shock and broken client trust were all too frequent, with 74.9% of deals exceeding their data limit. So, we opted for certainty, creating a new set of simple pricing plans – all with unlimited data. Read more


Happy holidays from all of us at Ansarada! We hope you’re ready to break some serious records in 2019. Get in touch with us to get started before the festive season ends.

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