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Ansarada Indicators

Ansarada was born out of a need to simplify the complexity of the deal process.

Since introducing our virtual data room software in 2005, it’s been our mission to consistently make life easier for those involved. And in doing so, to raise and protect the potential of companies and advisors the world over. Today, we’ve overseen more than 20,000 deals, and our platform spans a company’s entire lifecycle.

We developed our Indicators series to help you surface value from the raw, anonymised data that’s collected through our platform.

We use anonymised data points from tens of thousands of deals, both active and ongoing, to give you a picture of the trends 6-9 months before the rest of the market (the average deal taking that long to complete).

Indicators takes out the guesswork, so you can make better, more informed decisions and act on them early. In short, so you can be ready.


Download and access all of our previous Indicators reports below


Indicators Edition 003: August 2018
Indicators Edition 002: April 2018
Indicators Edition 001: January 2018



If you have questions or feedback about any of our Indicators reports, get in touch with us here.

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