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The best of 2017

It’s been a big year for Ansarada, with the launch of several deal world-firsts and a brand new look and focus. With that in mind, we’re counting down our top articles of the year to bring you the best updates and advice 2017 had to offer.


Number 5: The End of the Virtual Data Room

In August, we launched the AiQ Bidder Engagement Score, an AI deal engine that marked the historic end of guesswork in the data room. And, even more critically, the end of the virtual data room itself.


Number 4: Say hello to AiDA, the Ansarada Intelligent Deal Assistant

AiDA is the world’s first natural language processing data room analyst, offering you instant answers on your deal progress at crucial moments – like minutes before you walk into the big meeting.


Number 3: Finance is about to undergo an AI revolution

Artificial intelligence has already revolutionized entire sectors, and finance has been comparatively slow to see the impact – but it’s arrived. The same AI technology that powers Google’s search engine and Tesla’s self-driving cars is changing the way deals are done and illuminating insights like never before possible.


Number 2: Avoid deal disaster with due diligence Q&A

There’s a lot at stake during a deal, which is why it’s crucial to do everything you can do to reduce risk. Simply making sure that all the due diligence questions and answers are kept inside the deal room can be the difference between deal success and disaster.


Number 1: Why traditional data rooms are dead

The number one spot goes to our CEO, Sam Riley, who boldly predicted the end of the virtual data room in our favourite article of the year. “Data rooms are soon to be as dead as the typewriter and the fax machine,” is a surprising quote to hear from a guy who runs a data room company, but what’s next is so much more exciting.

Bring on 2018.


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