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Raise your company’s potential with the best of 2018

Each New Year brings with it an opportunity to reflect and consider how your company and its potential have grown and changed over the course of the year.

2018 was a massive one for Ansarada; we raised $24m in capital in order to scale quickly and bring our very ambitious vision to life. We’re ready to enable every single business to be confident in their most critical decisions.

To wrap up the year, we’re counting down the best updates and advice the year had to offer, as voted by you, so that you can keep on growing your vision and reach levels of potential you never thought possible in 2019.


Number 5: Growing your business starts with knowing your business

The right way to scale and move your company forward can take a number of different forms – but they all start from the exact same place: Having complete visibility over what you have, where you stand, and where you are going. Read more


Number 4: 5 ways to make your next capital raise a success

Raising capital is intensive, with every raise bringing its own set of challenges to the table. In this article, we asked a line-up of experts from all sides of the business of capital raising to share their top tips on running a successful funding round – and they did not disappoint. Read more


Number 3: When raising funds, relationships count

We’ve all heard the saying that first impressions are critical – but what about ongoing interaction and engagement? Building a strong connection and trust is the way you’ll get the most out of your raise – for all parties involved. Read more


Number 2: The best framework for scaling your business

The framework elaborated on in this article is one intended to support your strategy and help you understand your essential success measures – the mechanics of your business. With an impact on any one area affecting the whole, these drivers of growth are exactly what an investor wants to see.

The framework comes from Winning By Design, a company that works with high-growth tech companies to help them adopt a scientific approach to scale. Read more


How to change your fortune without changing your routine

When you’re accumulating new software and technology for your business, it’s understood that these tools will streamline your processes and make your life easier. The only problem: they don’t communicate with each other, causing CEOs to have less visibility over their companies today than ever before.

In an era of over-regulation and massive data breach fines, the risk of not knowing what’s really going on beneath the surface of your company is one too great to ignore. Find out how your team can bring everything to light while continuing to collaborate on the tools they already love to use. Read more


Happy holidays from all of us at Ansarada! We hope you’re ready to break some serious records in 2019. Get in touch with us to get started before the festive season ends.

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