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Ansarada wins 6th Best Places To Work award

For the sixth year Ansarada has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Australia.

In 2017 Ansarada placed 14th among companies with between 100 and 999 employees.

“Creating a great work place can produce superior business performance,” says the Great Place to Work. “We have seen how evaluating your company’s performance against that of the best can help you create your own great workplace.”

Ansarada prides itself on a work culture that emphasizes transparency, collaboration, honesty, support and community engagement.

Best known for its ground-breaking data room technology, Ansarada has made one of its strategic priorities its work place culture since it was founded in 2005. It has been regularly recognized as one of Australia’s Best Place To Work since 2011 when it had fewer than 100 people.

“Now in its 12th year, Ansarada is incredibly proud of being recognized in the Best Place to Work 2017 list for the 6th time since they first entered in 2011,” says Graham Moody, people and culture manager at Ansarada. “Since inception, the founders have always been focused on our purpose of helping businesses raise and protect their potential. They also recognized this goal would only be achievable if they put an equal focus on creating a culture and workplace in which our people could also raise their potential.

“Our pledge to the team is to work hard at creating an experience that brings out the best in everyone,” says Graham. “We practice this by helping connect the amazing work our people do to our vision and the customers we serve, creating a learning environment in which people can master their craft, and getting out of the way so people can let their individual brilliance shine.

“We regularly pulse check how our people feel outside of the award program and we’ve been able to maintain and increase people engagement consistently whilst changing and scaling every element of the business,” he says.

“Being purpose-led and values-driven are the cornerstones to our success to-date and the exciting future ahead of us,” adds Graham.


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