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BVCA Summit 2017: a revolution in the making

“Without a revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement.” Vladimir Lenin.

It’s 100 years since the Russian Revolution and even its leader, Vladimir Lenin, would have to admire how capitalism has survived, prospered and adapted even in his homeland.

At the UK’s premier private equity and venture capital conference in London on October 11 and 12, “revolution” is on the agenda. Even Lenin may have wanted to attend the 2017 British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA) conference in order to find out what happens next in deal making.

There will be discussions on the topic that is on the lips of everyone in Britain: Brexit.

Helen Steers, a partner at Pantheon and BVCA’s 2017 chair, will share her perspectives on the current revolution, or evolution, in limited partner thinking. Colin Le Duc, a partner at Generation Investment Management, will speak on “the sustainability revolution.”

Jon Corker, managing partner, at MMC Ventures, talks revolution when he discusses what’s next for venture capital.

Scott Church of Rede Partners, Mauro Moretti of Three Hills Capital Partners and Matt Truman of True discuss “revolution by innovation.”

Ansarada CEO Sam Riley hosts a discussion that asks some of Europe’s best-known investors if they are “ready to be revolutionary?

Sam is perhaps not the kind of revolutionary Lenin had in mind when he sought followers 100 years ago. But Sam is brave, big and bold in his ambitions. This year he wrote: “I’m going to say something that may surprise you for a guy who runs a data room company. I think the traditional data room is about to die.”

Armed with the intelligence of more than 20,000 deals, Ansarada has launched the Material Information Platform. It is a revolutionary new platform that helps companies get ready for material events: a merger, an acquisition, the sale of debt or equity securities, or, if you are an investment manager, a fund raising.

Lenin knew about the importance of planning a revolution, or how to take advantage of events for his own benefit. Ansarada’s Material Information Platform does the same by bringing order to chaos and getting your business in the best possible shape before it comes under the scrutiny of the due diligence process.

The Material Information Platform gives you a customized due diligence check list, a library of supporting material that explains why each due diligence item is important and necessary for your success. A dashboard that enables you to check on deal preparation progress and communicates with all involved in real time.

Moreover, Ansarada’s Material Information Platform revolutionizes deal making by giving the world the first deal app – the Ansarada Intelligent Deal Assistant (AiDA) – that gives you intelligent insights into your deal by answering the questions you ask using your mobile phone app.

The deal making revolution created by Ansarada is further underlined by the AiQ Bidder Engagement Score that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to find out who in your deal room is serious and who is just playing around.

If you’re at the BVCA conference, Sam would love to hear from you about your deal making experiences. Visit the Ansarada booth and guess the code to unlock the safe and win a prize!

If you’re not attending, you can still be a deal revolutionary. Unlock your business’s potential with the Material Information Platform here.

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