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Clive Cooper’s World Travels: Hunting for Deals

Clive Cooper, ansarada’s Global Sales Director, has travelled to North America, the UK and Asia over the last 8 weeks talking to advisors and businesses. Here’s some deal intelligence Clive has picked up.

Wherever you look, the M&A market is hot.

Across all industries and countries I visited, people are seeking to do deals. The trend is confirmed by ansarada’s own business. May 2017 has been the busiest month since September 2016 for data rooms being set up by our regular clients.

Why has there been a surge in M&A activity?

Any uncertainty surrounding the political climate in the US and UK has well and truly evaporated. Many CEOs and their advisors who shelved strategic acquisition plans last year are now ready to execute on the deals they’ve been considering for the past 6 months.

What has been interesting to observe from my travels is that bankers advising the middle market are often busier than their bulge bracket counterparts. These middle market advisors are working harder with smaller, thinner teams. The outcome is additional pressure on already stretched analysts and their work/life balance.

I’ve also discovered that companies more often choose their data room provider before an advisor sends across the three quotes and a recommendation. Companies now realize how important it is to get prepared for a material event.

This is very timely, because that’s what we at ansarada are unveiling next quarter with the beta roll out of our Material Information Platform.

This Material Information Platform is designed to help companies prepare for a deal through the creation and maintenance of a robust and comprehensive document set.

This way a company and their advisors can be ready to take advantage of a deal opportunity, even when it comes from the most unexpected quarter, as opportunities always seem to do.

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