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Ansarada launches new deal room Q&A features

July 2017 – Email gets a second lease on life with ansarada’s newest due diligence Q&A tools.

Ansarada has launched innovative new Q&A functionality that makes Q&A easier than ever with the introduction of the ability to respond to questions via email.

With up to 70% of deal time spent running due diligence Q&A via emails and spreadsheets, companies have long endured the risks and inefficiencies associated with these antiquated systems, including human error, multiple conversation threads, duplicated work, and – critically – issues of security and confidentiality.

Using emails to facilitate Q&A has previously been a messy process, fraught with risk and admin burden; 38% of all actions in the Q&A process involve getting answers reviewed and approved before disclosure, and 90% of all questions take up to six interactions to answer. That’s a lot of individual emails flying around.

Managing due diligence using ansarada already created a streamlined single source of truth. Now the added “Q&A via email” merges the best of both worlds: an organized diligence tracking process combined with the convenience of email.

With ansarada’s newest features, you’ll be able to approve and answer questions through the Q&A system via email. The assigned participants* receive an email notification when a new question or answer has been allocated; they can then answer or approve the question from their own inbox, without needing to log into the deal room.

While it will feel like using email as usual, your analysts will be able to clearly track everything at the back end, making Q&A much simpler – especially for senior stakeholders. CEOs and Directors can participate in the Q&A directly via email, and ansarada’s system will update the corresponding question immediately, without requiring them to learn or access a new platform.

Together with the existing Q&A tool features, the latest updates make the Q&A process even more efficient, saving time and cost effective, while eliminating risk of accidental disclosure.

To learn more about ansarada’s due diligence Q&A tools, get in touch with us. We’ll come in to give you a demo face-to-face and show you how it all works – coffee and treats on us.


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*Security and roles still apply – only Answer approvers can approve questions via email; only Answer approver and Answer authors can answer questions via email; answering a question via email sends it back to the Q&A Admin; the new feature isn’t available to Answer Drafter and Q&A Admin roles.

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