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Resistance is futile: Why companies must embrace innovation

Two indisputable facts: 1) Change is inevitable, and 2) change is uncertain.

So why not take it into your own hands?

Sam Sicilia is Chief Investment Officer at Hostplus, one of Australia’s largest superannuation funds with over A$30 billion in assets, and more than 1 million members. He gave an incredible keynote talk on disruption and innovation at Blackbird Venture’s Sunrise Island event.

“People think the future will be driven by globalisation, but they’re wrong,” said Sicilia. “It’s technology.” Sicilia discussed how across industries, those who are ‘doing more of the same’ are losing their place. We’re seeing economic relationships breaking down, and power shifting across institutions, business models and even individuals.


The opportunists will adapt

Tech is driving the economy at an incredible pace of change, and the longer we wait, the further behind we get. Sicilia’s message to the audience was to, “embrace tech and innovation, because resistance is futile.”

CEOs and founders need to be fostering real skills that support collaboration, creativity and problem solving – skills that will support their company’s vision in the long term.

In Sicilia’s view, Australian businesses are acting shortsightedly, with not nearly enough being invested in R&D. “We’re becoming bystanders to other nations’ innovations,” he said.


Innovate to stay ahead

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