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Introducing Bulk Upload Questions: The Easy Way to Ask

From conversations with our customers, as well as the all data we analysed from the 10,000+ deals we’ve completed, we have learnt just how intense the Q&A process in due diligence can be.

Based on feedback from dealmakers, we put our entire Q&A processes under the microscope to find the best way to save ansarada virtual data room users time and stress during deals.

And that’s why we are proud to introduce our latest feature Bulk Upload Questions which simplifies how bidders will be able to ask all their questions during due diligence M&A.


Save time on manual entry


Many bidders collate their questions in an Excel sheet before creating questions one-by-one in their respective data room. Not only is this very time-consuming and tedious but it can also lead to the kinds of errors that completely derail your Q&A.

Bulk Upload Questions removes the risk of error, and you no longer have to worry about that lost time. Instead, you simply upload your Excel sheet with the questions inside and we take care of the rest.

Bulk upload questions

Supports any Excel template you use


When you upload your Excel sheet, we run through all the question columns to try and match them to the right question fields (Question, Priority, Subject, Subject Text).

ansarada virtual data rooms are adaptable, so if you name your question columns differently, we just use a simple form where you can select the right columns to match to the question fields. This works even when your questions or Excel columns are in a different language.

Excel to bulk upload images

Make quick edits before submitting your questions


We know how important it is for bidders to double-check questions before submitting them.

To make that as easy as possible, we have added a preview screen where bidders can go through all the questions they upload, before sending them to the sell-side. On this page, bidders can de-select questions they find irrelevant and even make quick edits to the priority or questions themselves.

Once confident, bidders can click on “Create” and all selected questions will be created.

Submit form to bulk create questions

Try Bulk Upload Questions


This powerful new feature is available in all data-rooms for question authors and approvers now.

Have any feedback about our new features, or ideas for more improvements? The new document management features were built based on customer feedback, so please leave us a comment or email [email protected] anytime to tell us what you think.

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