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All eyes on you: handling the public scrutiny of infrastructure projects

Individuals and companies involved in complex, high profile infrastructure projects are no strangers to the front page of a newspaper. Unfortunately, it’s usually for all the wrong reasons.

Nothing can be quite so damaging to a company’s – or even a government’s – reputation as a headline laying out how many tax dollars have been spent salvaging a large-scale project that’s been poorly managed.

With so much at stake, it’s no surprise that taxpayers demand clarity, transparency and probity from infrastructure projects. After all, they can cost billions of dollars to complete.

So how can the public and private sectors get confidence an infrastructure deal will withstand the microscope of public examination?

Choosing the right platform to run these projects is a good start.


It’s up to the project team to track all activity throughout the tender process, and ensure that all bidding parties have equal access to all RFP information, clarifications and addendum. Managing and demonstrating a fair and equitable process is easy in an ansarada data room because:

Reporting provides detailed, up-to-the-minute tracking of all logins, document views (inside and outside the platform), searches, requests for information (RFIs) and the answers provided.

• All the RFI details are provided in a fully filtered format within a couple of clicks, so you can cross-reference and analyse any information contained.

• Special ‘observation only’ roles can be given to the independent auditors tasked to monitor these processes


Security around an infrastructure deal is essential for both government and corporations. Keep control of your vital information in your hands (and your hands only):

• Restrict access at any time to PDF and Microsoft Office files by controlling whether parties in the deal can only print, temporarily save or view only documents.

• Watermark PDF documents to ensure security and tracking of sensitive information.

• Set security on individuals or groups to determine what files can be seen in the data room. You can also restrict access instantaneously to the room and all PDF and Office documents (regardless of their location).


Managing the vital RFI or Q&A process in a deal is no small job. An ansarada data room helps by enabling you to:

• Create your own custom subjects and limit who has access to questions pertaining to that subject.

• Set up your own Q&A workflow process to ensure questions can be assigned to the right people at the right time, and that pre-determined approval processes are followed.

• Allow answers to non-propriety questions to be easily shared with all bid parties.

To learn more about what ansarada can do to help your next infrastructure project, visit or contact one of our obliging global sales representatives.


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