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Fast, simple, risk-free Q&A – now for tenders

Requests for information and clarifications in large-scale infrastructure tenders go both ways. Bidders ask the client about the project requirements, and clients ask bidders about their submissions.

With a standard solution, this can only be achieved by using email, spreadsheets, through clunky tender portals, or partly solved with outdated, basic Q&A systems that work in one direction and aren’t fit for purpose. This adds a lot of unnecessary complexity to a process that is already complicated enough.

To remove this hurdle, we’ve built a fully integrated Q&A system that’s been designed specifically for these complex processes, so that both sides can ask, answer and approve questions. The tool is purpose-built to streamline the flow of questions and answers on both sides, resulting in a seamless, fully trackable process.

From our vast experience with deals, we know that up to 70% of the tender process can be spent on Q&A alone. The effective management of questions and answers is what’s going to keep your tender progressing as smoothly as possible, while mitigating risk and drastically reducing costs.


With two-way Q&A for tenders, you’ll benefit from:

Due diligence productivity: Ease of use and access for all parties. You can ask and answer questions all in the same place while reviewing files, saving hours of time and resources.

Safety and security: There is plenty at stake in a complex, high-risk tender project. Get peace of mind with secure management, processing and evaluation of submissions. Keep all critical information secure within the Data Room and avoid the risks associated with email and manual spreadsheets.

Probity & audit requirements: Our data rooms allow efficient and tracked management of the RFI and Q&A processes, allowing you to demonstrate that all audit requirements have been met.


With complex legacy Q&A processes already established, it can seem easier to stick to Excel and email, despite the inherent risks of running Q&A externally – but for us, that’s not good enough. We’ve centralized Q&A workflow and made life easier for those on both sides of the process. We’re confident that you’ll find our Q&A to be a much more transparent, manageable, automated and efficient process than any you’ve used before.

Running a best-practice Q&A process through your Data Room can be set up in just a few simple steps. Get in touch with our team to arrange a free demonstration today.


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