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Uncle Sam seeks deals down under

US interest in Australian M&A is booming


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Interest from US based investors into Australian M&A deals continues to be our single largest source of offshore interest – and it’s growing stronger year on year. In fact, growth in US activity overall has averaged at around 60% each year over the past 3 years.

Our data shows the proportion of offshore interest coming from the US has increased from 16% to 32% over the past two quarters alone.


American investors’ Australian love affair goes way back

Historically, US investors have long been drawn to Australia. ‘Lifestyle dividends’ are commonly cited as the primary reason; Australia’s quality of life is among the world’s highest. With good healthcare and education systems, a stable government, and low crime rates, it’s not just the beaches that are attracting American companies to invest their assets here.

Australia also provides US investors with a strategic stronghold for access to the rest of the Asia Pacific, a location that is becoming increasingly important, despite the looming potential for a trade ban as tensions between the US and China escalate.


Friends with benefits:
US capital supports record Aussie growth

American capital markets have long been an essential source of capital for Aussie companies, and the impact that direct foreign investment from the US has had on Australia’s economic success is significant.

With our heavy reliance on international capital markets, Australia is dependent on a continual flow of foreign capital to maintain its strong position. The US remains our number one contributor and is set to make an even more powerful impression on Australia’s economy in the coming financial year.


Investing in innovation:
Fast-growth, unfettered potential

One industry getting particular attention from investors is the Australian tech sector. According to our data, new tech deals commencing saw an uplift this quarter, registering 33% more new M&A deals compared to Q4, with the US a major contributor to this boost in activity.

Known for early adoption of technology, Australian IT businesses are growing quickly and outpacing even their US counterparts – and Silicon Valley is paying attention.


Find out what it is about Australian’s maturing tech sector is peaking their interest in our latest Indicators report

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