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All Ansarada plans include free unlimited data and guest user access, eliminating the risks and uncertainty of per-page or per-MB pricing models. See why the world’s top companies and dealmakers have made the switch to the only SaaS platform for critical business outcomes.

90° plan

Perfect plan for preparing for a transaction

180° plan

Preparing and executing M&A, raising capital, IPOs and raising funds with the help of AI-powered tools, Q&A and security

360° plan

Manage information governance, assets and high-stakes deals end-to-end with our secure platform and dedicated customer success team

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What size is your team

After 35,000 deals, we understand that no two are the same. That’s why we offer a pre-pay bulk user discount and the flexibility to add individual users as your requirements change.


Minimum 3 users

5 users

Save 20%

10 users

Save 33%

15 users

Save 40%


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Get the confidence you'll never pay more while knowing you are fully prepared for your next critical business outcome.
AnnuallySave 60%

$797USDper month, billed annually

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  • 180° planUp to 10 users, billed annually$ 9564 USD
  • Total$ 9564 USD

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