Run controlled, credible tenders with less stress

Our centralised, controlled environment makes business critical tendering processes secure and efficient. Why is Ansarada the trusted provider for complex, high risk, high value tenders in the region? Because our AI-powered Rooms are simple to use, work on any device and are sophisticated enough to manage all aspects of your tender in one place. With our intuitive interface, you’ll be up and running in minutes and no previous VDR experience is necessary.


“We use Ansarada from EOIs to contract signing on simple contracts, through to major complex PPP infrastructure projects. It’s great for keeping the information to and from tenderers secure, along with communications within evaluation teams. It’s a relatively simple, stress free process with great reporting to help us keep on top of things.”

John McLuckie, Founding Partner EIG

EIG has advised on 8 of the 10 largest infrastructure tenders in Australia

Protect the reputation of your organisation and your key stakeholders

One room for your next deal

Every Ansarada Room comes with exclusive features that we designed to simplify the deal process and makes deals easier.

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Probity automated

Track document views, searches, downloads and printing - inside and outside the data room
Q&A functionality keeps the RFI process within the data room
One-click proof of disclosure records and comprehensive reports to prove probity

Secure by design

Track usage and take back documents whenever you like, even after they have been saved and downloaded
Protocols are verified in real-time, so revoking access is instant
Print, save & watermark restrictions protect high priority material

Complex Q&A made simple

RFI workflows are automated to ensure compliance
Answers are disclosed to a single party, or many parties, without revealing identities
Auditors receive a single repository of information exchange