Technology, business being disrupted, why not deal making?

Technology & business are frequently disrupted: so why not deal making? With advancements in artificial intelligence Ansarada is bringing the new age of deals.

By AnsaradaThu Sep 21 2017

It’s a cliché to say that technology and business are constantly changing. Still, look around you.

Take money and telecommunications for instance.

Since 1900, money has gone from clunky notes and coins that you needed to store in a bulging wallet that took up far too much space – not to mention making you paranoid about loss or theft – to bringing along your bank with you in the form of a credit card.

Now you don’t need even a credit card; just your phone. Quick Read (QR) codes are seemingly everywhere, enabling you to travel the globe without a note, coin or credit card. Bitcoin and other virtual currencies now have attracted, no irony intended, serious amounts of money with their trading values attracting as much scrutiny as stocks and bonds.

Alexander Graham Bell’s 1876 invention of the telephone revolutionized forever the way human beings communicated with each other.

Much has changed in both the technology and design of the telephone of Mr. Bell’s time. In the 1970s the first brick-like mobile phones were produced. Today sleek, waterproof phones allow you to communicate in a multitude of ways, as well as take photographs, film and, as we mentioned, make purchases.

But little has changed in the world of deal making in the last 117 years. It was only 20 years ago that due diligence was done by people examining reams of documents in a room, nicknamed the data room. Some deals are sadly still done this way.

With virtual data rooms there has, however, been scant innovation. Excel spreadsheets for deal makers still rule. People still want to do due diligence Q&A by email instead of doing it safely in a data room.

Conversations about deal preparation can be intimidating, time consuming and get stymied by detail. Monitoring a deal, whether you are working in a company or acting as an adviser, is often finger in the wind kind of stuff: guess work.

Deal making is ripe for disruption.

Get ready for the world of deal making to be blown apart with Ansarada’s Material Information Platform.

Utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to make everything of value relevant and obvious, and most importantly, accessible in seconds; the Material Information Platform gives a company and its advisers deal preparation efficiency. The Material Information Platform is a bespoke experience, a secure collaborative tool that enables anyone involved in a deal to move more quickly and efficiently to close.

No longer is guess work required for deal preparation and execution. The Material Information Platform offers customized due diligence relevant to your company and client with a dashboard that enables you to check on deal preparation progress.

Once a deal gets started, the Material Information Platform enables you to check on your deal with a phone app that acts as your personal deal assistant while showing you which bidders are more likely to complete due diligence and which aren’t.


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