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Make decisions and take action today with confidence. Raise, protect and realize your company’s potential.

Our intelligent information platform is AI-powered and unmatched. Built off the data and experience from helping people achieve their ultimate outcomes on +25,000 deals, we deliver you an unfair advantage throughout your company’s lifecycle.

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Remove risk and improve performance to grow your business with confidence.

Take control

Don’t wait until you have a deal. Scorecard your company’s current state and illuminate the right path forward now. Know where you stand and take control of your critical information.

Prepare for and run a high performance deal with our AI-powered Data Room.

Run a deal

Run a swift, risk-free due diligence process using powerful AI technology. Use Ansarada for your exit, asset sale, complex M&A, debt or equity capital raise, IPO or any other high performance transaction.

Ansarada service, product design and performance provides everything we need to reduce deal risk, extract valuable insights and execute efficiently.

Guy Fowler,
Head of Investment Banking,
UBS Group AG


From deal advisor to strategic partner. Run high performance deals with a purpose built platform and AI-powered transaction rooms built to safeguard reputations.

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From hoping for a good valuation to getting one. Assess where your business stands today. Use intelligent insights to prepare for your next milestone. Realize your potential every time.

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From being spread too thin to focusing on what matters most. Increase portfolio value, uncover risks and opportunities and streamline the process to prepare portfolio companies.

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We’re done with legacy data room pricing

That’s why you’ll never see any data or per page restrictions ever again.

Traditional data room pricing causes unnecessary taxes on advisors. Simple mistakes cost companies thousands. Now you can choose one of our subscription plans, all with unlimited data, and get confidence in every decision.

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We came, we saw, we disrupted

After running 25,000 deals, we knew that the traditional data room was soon to be as dead as the fax machine, and that radical change was in order.

Illuminate the path forward

When you see what’s possible, you can make it happen. Assess and score the information in your business, from financials to IP to the people who make it happen. Know the pathway forward and intelligently manage your information with our AI-powered tools.

Prepare for what’s next

Take control of your critical information and get access to guides curated by experts. Know where you should focus your attention, and collaborate effortlessly with your team during crucial deal preparation.

Run a high performance deal

Go from prep mode to go mode with a click of a button. No risks, no gaps, no stress regardless of your experience or transaction complexity. Complete peace of mind that your information is secure, bidder insights are accessible, and your business is ready to win.

Our Data Rooms let you outsmart the smart guys

Ansarada Data Rooms unite the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning with the experience of 20,000+ deals to simplify event execution.

Stay ahead of the competition with our next generation, AI-powered Data Rooms, providing you with unparalleled security over your material information.

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AiDA is an analyst in your pocket giving you the answers you need when you need them.

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