Take control of your targeted acquisitions

More method, less mayhem. Standardize acquisition processes to accelerate outcomes with Ansarada Deals.

Efficiently manage your target pipeline from end to end in a single platform

Speed up the evaluation, acquisition and integration of targets

Move fast, minimize risk and close more high-value deals

Get your acquisition in order

Download the targeted acquisition checklist for buy-side best practices and start preparing for your next acquisition for free today.
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Amplify your acquisition process

Get prepared and gain fully visibility over your most promising targets, all in the one location

Engage at scale

In-built Workflows allow you to manage multiple prospects simultanously and assess business in minutes

Get a clear picture

Evaluate targets against criteria that quickly highlight the maturity and value of their business

Let prospects guide themselves

Centralized document uploads and Q&A ensure prospects are providing their most critical information in its entirety

Pass on risky candidates

Identify risks and trends in advance so you can focus on the most promising potential partners

Automate corporate M&A

Unify your corporate M&A team around standardized processes and workflows, including at the post-acquisition integration phase

More business. Less busy-ness.

We look after the end-to-end operations so you can focus on the outcome.

Centralized collaboration with Deal Workflow

Be prepared to strike at any opportunity

Streamline your acquisitions with Workflow, a purpose-built project-management tool that will get you back in control. Centralized notifications and project progress views, app integrations, collaboration tools and embedded document collation allows you to prepare for your acquisition with precision and clarity. Deep dive into your most promising targets for an accurate picture of their potential value.

Move document seamlessly into the virtual data room

Control the outcome from the outset

Avoid duplication of work. Seamlessly and efficiently transition your organized information and collated documents into the Virtual Data Room to run the deal.

Always secure file share

Maximize value post-acquisition

Capitalise on the insights you have gained during the acquisition process and continue seamlessly on the path to post-acquisition integration to ensure you are maximizing value and realizing returns long after the acquisition has been finalized. The platform that got you there is the same one to take you forward.

It’s the stuff you don't know about that bites you - those unknown risks - so having a good diligence structure helps you understand if the company is disciplined and how they are organized. You can tell a lot about a company's culture just about how organized they are coming into the M&A process.
John Mills, Associate General Counsel & Senior Director of M&A and Investments, VMWare

The big players trust us for a reason

Order makes business sense

Standardize, centralize and organize processes to mitigate risk and move with speed, clarity and certainty on acquisitions – from day one all the way through to a successful integration.
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