Bring order to your fundraising process

When processes are structured correctly, organizations gain the insights and confidence to achieve better outcomes.

Exhibit your expertise with Ansarada as your deal technology partner

Track interest from investors using purpose-built project management tools

Give investors confidence that you’re their best option

Control the outcome from the outset

Give yourself and your investors confidence that the strategy in place can protect their capital and maximize returns.

Easy to use

Engage with potential investors professionally on the intuitive interface, no plugins required

Advanced security controls

Keep control over your sensitive IP and documentation with security features like remote file self-destruct

Get complete confidence

Know your information is optimized and that investors will see the opportunity you see

Stay always on

Keep your information synced and up-to-date, ready for the next funding round without any additional work

Maintain compliance

Manage ongoing investor reporting and compliance requirements with ease

Zero risk. All reward.

No hidden fees or overages. Get the quote you need with a click of a button.
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Deal in certainties, not maybes

From raise preparation to automating compliance, Ansarada Deals™ has this process covered.

Deal workflow

Purpose-built workflows keep you ahead of the curve

Benchmark best-practice strategies, processes and workflows against thousands of successful raises. Collaborate with your team with in-built workflow project management and notifications. Prepare for investor scrutiny with speed and efficiency and stay ahead of the curve for anything unforeseen with calm, confidence and control. 

Superior security with granular settings

Feel safe with a fail-safe

Seamlessly sync your critical information from the workflow stage to a Virtual Data Room to share with potential investors in seconds. Pre-built document templates mean you only have to do the work once, and can replicate again and again. Granular security settings and advanced controls keep your critical information protected.

Always secure file share

Always ready for the next move

Keep your information up to date and housed in the platform ready to start the cycle again. Maintain always-on compliance and meet LP reporting requirements post-raise with zero changes to existing workflows. Never start the manual work from scratch again.

The big players trust us for a reason

We have been partnering with Ansarada for over 10 years. They have a very easy system to use for both our clients and us. The customer service is more than excellent – I wish they could share their model with other companies, as they are always available, friendly and they fix the problem! When we have an idea or query they listen and help. I wish more companies had their culture and attitude – working with Ansarada is always a good part of your day!
Carolyn Fox, Investor Relations, Pacific Equity Partners

Stay focused, feel confident

Ansarada Deals™ helps you stay in control, so you can set yourself up for a successful raise. Start preparing today at no cost. No risk, all reward.