The path to automated processes and complete oversight

Deal Workflow™ is a project management tool for advisors to digitize all their existing workstreams, so you can have clarity and control from the earliest strategic work.

Centralize all your activity across the full deal lifecycle

Project management tools and digitized checklists for every stage

Control every aspect of your transaction from start to finish

Accelerate efficiency and productivity

Standardize processes so they can be duplicated & reused

Your workflow, your way

Automate tracking

Assign users, roles, tasks and security, then benefit from a streamlined, low-touch workflow

Customize your workflows

Create your own workflows to make all of your deal marketing, preparation, execution and integration processes more efficient

Elevate your deal process

Create and present seamless, sophisticated client experiences and illustrate your strengths to the market

Reduce risk

Avoid teams internally and externally
working in siloes, reduce emails by up to
50% and put an end to un-secure and
disorganized project management

Maintain efficient engagement

Monitor progress across multiple
projects and create accountability among teams; identify bottlenecks and reduce unexpected issues and delays

End Excel hell

Standardize critical processes and get the entire business aligned around what it takes to deliver the best outcomes


Start preparing for your deal using Deal Workflow™ today.

workflow management tool showing assigning responsibilities UI

Supporting every stage of the deal lifecycle

Workflow is built right into the Ansarada Deals platform so that you can use it to prepare for free before even opening your Data Room.

Once your Data Room is active, use Workflow alongside your room to govern information, people and dates in real time and always know exactly how you are progressing.

Once the deal is closed, use it for a smooth and swift integration process to map out and execute your 100 day plan.

deal workflow

Your single source of truth

Ansarada’s Deal Workflow tool is a dashboard to monitor your complete deal lifecycle.

Workflow allows you to customize checklists and create your own workflows in minutes to manage multiple projects at every stage of the deal - from strategy and deal marketing through to closing and post-deal integration. 

The dashboard gives you an overview of all your different projects, so you can track everything your team is working on without wasting time searching for it. 

workflow key contact tracking

Use Deal Workflow™ to:

  • Track non-disclosure agreements and process letters 
  • Track progress of deal preparation 
  • Manage key contacts 
  • Track ITTs and issues 
  • Track key milestones & dates 
  • Digitize your due diligence checklists 
  • Collaborate internally and externally 
  • Monitor team engagement and accountability
  • Prioritize your different workstreams
  • Track multiple projects simultaneously 

And anything else you can think of.

gantt chart

Visualize your workflows for total oversight and control

View projects in a checklist format or visualize your workflows in an interactive Gantt chart. Collaborate with your teammates internally and externally. Assign tasks, highlight high-priority items, and significantly reduce the amount of risky emails in the process. 

import to excel

From complicated spreadsheets to completed in seconds

Transfer all your work from Excel - your own due diligence checklists, workflows, document requirements and processes – and work on them securely. Import your customized information and harness the power of automated deal preparation and reporting.

Export it back to Excel if you need an instant snapshot in an Excel file format.

Automate your workflow, simplify your deal from end to end

Deal Workflow™ is free to use with Ansarada Deals™ - the total transaction management solution that modern advisors rely on for their clients’ most critical outcomes.
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