Standardize processes, automate workflows

From preparation to execution, discover the most efficient way to keep the deal progressing

Best-in-class workflows, processes and guides built in

End manual checklists and ad-hoc processes

Accelerate efficiency and productivity

Increase visibility

Comply with confidence

Streamline workflow to get to your outcome faster

Automate tracking

Assign users, roles, tasks and security, then benefit from a streamlined, low-touch workflow

Ensure accountability

Each team member is responsible for ticking every box; no chance of anything slipping through the cracks

Maintain engagement

Keep progress front of mind as you work towards a score and encourage healthy competition between departments

Get alerts

Notifications keep the transaction on track at the team and individual level 

Automate Q&A

Collaborate securely with purpose-built Q&A inside the data room to keep deal momentum going

End Excel hell

Standardize critical processes and get the entire business aligned around what it takes to deliver the best outcomes

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Automate processes with Pathways

Use Pathways to automate the tracking by area, person responsible, verification, reviewers and overall progress towards the outcome. Each person's unique view contains their live ‘to do’ list of tasks they’ve been assigned. See at a glance where you are, what to do, and how close you are to the finish line. 

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Hold your team accountable

Collaborative workflow tools allow you to assign tasks and topic areas and alert team members via email when a deadline approaches. Get a clear view of progress across the team and stay on track, without wasting time chasing up incomplete tasks.

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Execute quickly and securely

Time to move from preparation to execution mode? Set up a Data Room in minutes and seamlessly transfer documents. Threaded commenting and automated Q&A functionality keep all collaboration within the deal room for the most secure and efficient process.

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