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Simple, efficient document collation in a secure repository

Avoid the risks & chaos associated with legacy systems and not-for-purpose tools

Certainty through proven tools and AI-powered insights

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Control the outcome from the outset

What Ansarada customers love about the world's most intuitive Data Room

Simple design

Fast, mobile friendly and easy-to-use, even for first-timers

Ultimate security

Save, print and access controls. Track usage and self destruct files regardless of their saved location

Flexible SaaS pricing

Simple SaaS pricing and flexible plans to suit any need or budget

AI-powered insights

World-first AI automates processes and delivers intelligence on bidder behaviour and motives 

Confidence & control

Satisfy risk, compliance and disclosure requirements with ease. Reports capture every action

Your workflow, your way

Our Deal Workflow project management tool streamlines your transaction from start to finish. Best of all - it's free to use

Powerful collaboration

Go faster with commenting, notifications, and role-based Q&A workflows; including excel and email integrations

End-to-end platform

Simplify deal preparation

During any transaction, there are so many parts in motion, so many things to consider, so many bits and bytes of information to be sorted. So little time, yet so much at stake.

You need a Data Room that is highly secure and simple to use, so that you can stay fixed on the outcome from the outset, while adapting to anything unforeseen in-between with calm, confidence and control.

Simple document collation in the virtual data room document index

More method. Less mayhem.

Legacy or unfit-for-purpose systems, like shared drives, emails and spreadsheets, equate to high risk and unnecessary chaos. They'll leave you with very little confidence that your documents and data are safe – because they aren’t. 

Using Ansarada’s world-class Virtual Data Room and advanced deal preparation tools, you can bring the multitude of moving parts together and run your deal like clockwork. 

Superior security with granular settings

Feel safe with a fail-safe

Track and destroy documents no matter where they’ve been saved or sent. Get granular control over everything.


Document self-destruct

We've got you covered with file self-destruct

Accidently share the wrong file? Want to remove a bidder's access to a file they saved remotely? We've got you covered. An external file save doesn’t have to mean eternal access. Ansarada’s platform gives you the ability to expire rights outside of the data room, so you can give access to third parties but maintain the right to hold on to and take back your most important documentation – even if the files have been saved externally. 

Real time reporting and AI insights

Predict outcomes with certainty

Trained on data from over 35,000 transactions, our artificial intelligence will give you an edge on yours. Make smarter decisions. Predict the most likely winning bidder in your M&A deal with 97% accuracy by day 7 of the deal.

Centralized collaboration with Deal Workflow

Centralize all your deal activity

Digitize all your workstreams with Deal Workflow™, a project management tool that gives you complete oversight and control from the earliest strategic work. Use it alongside your Data Room to manage people, information and tasks without resorting to risky spreadsheets.

No risk. All confidence.

No hidden fees or overages. Open your free Data Room and start preparing today, with nothing to pay until the first guest user logs in.
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Ansarada Q&A workflow

Q&A workflow maximizes control and efficiency

Q&A Tools to help you streamline communication with internal and external parties. Seamlessly collaborate with your team and guests.

Role based workflow, notifications, bulk import, export and 27 other Q&A features keeps the deal moving fast.

Real time reporting

Know everything, prove anything

Email notifications and comprehensive reporting provides an always on clear view of every activity.

24 7 365 support

Experienced experts on tap

Phone, online help, email, chat or onsite, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our Customer Success team is global, so there’s always someone there to answer a question or quickly resolve an issue.


Safe as Fort ˈKnox

Save, print and access controls keep you protected through every critical click

Track usage and self destruct files regardless of their saved location

Mitigate risk by encrypting and securing information on and off the platform

ISO 27001 certified for over 10 years

Ansarada Customers

Trusted by the world's leading brands. Over $1 trillion USD of deals have been transacted on our platform.

Why modern dealmakers trust Ansarada

In over 180 countries, we've protected over 400,000 reputations.


We’ve helped dealmakers get their processes in order for over 17 years


The new standard in high-performance transactions

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Move toward an outcome with complete confidence

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Achieve better deals and better returns

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Secure Data rooms

Great organisations begin with great organisation

We use the power of order to create a sort of magic – bringing systems and structures to a place where everything just hums. It’s about transforming how the business world works – for your deal, and your organisation, but also for a greater societal benefit. 

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