Get your strategic review in order

Gain complete clarity on your business & be prepared to seize strategic opportunities.

Fight the financial impact of a chaotic market with diligence and action

Assess your company’s current state against best practices derived from +35,000 capital markets transactions

Gain visibility, certainty in decision making, and confidence to act with Ansarada Deals

Take control with a data-driven strategic review

Gain clarity on your most promising business opportunities with precision and efficiency.

Get the full picture

All your information in the one centralized location, means a singular source of truth and full visibility of your critical information

Uncover insights

Work from clear and up-to-date information, with no dispute or confusion as to data sources

Simple & easy

Intuitive, fast, mobile-friendly and easy-to-use, even for first-timers

Ensure a structured process

Assign clear accountability and track your progress with full visibility using our Deal Workflow project management tool

Streamline your review

Speed and visibility with Q&A facility, review and approval workflows, commenting tools and notifications

Take control of your critical business affairs

Ansarada Deals gives you total visibility of your current state and an understanding of your best options moving forward.

Simple document collation in the virtual data room document index

Deep dive into your business

Quickly and methodically assess your business’s material information and identify risks and opportunities. Pull documentation from disparate sources into a single platform for a clear picture of the current state in real time. Enable participants to make informed contributions based on data, not guesswork.

Centralized collaboration with Deal Workflow

Centralize collaboration

Purpose-built project management tools allow stakeholders to create clear objectives and track progress towards them. Assignment of owners, requirements to be met, review and approval hierarchies are simple to set up and keep momentum flowing. Collaboration tools allow individuals to contribute on their schedule, add comments, upload documents & be notified, all in the one central location.

Real time reporting and AI insights

Stay focused on what matters

Make strong decisions backed by data and eliminate superfluous meetings that draw resources away from day-to-day operations. Enable your team to make their biggest impact on strategic review day, and every day moving forward.

The big players trust us for a reason

UBS has trusted Ansarada for 10 years on more than 100 deals of all types, sizes and complexities. Their service, product design and performance provides everything we need to reduce deal risks, extract valuable insights and execute efficiently.
Guy Fowler, Head of Investment Banking and Chairman, UBS Group

Bring order to your strategic review

Ansarada Deals allows you to uncover insights, streamline collaboration and seize more value-creating opportunities.
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