Your Pathway to raising capital with confidence

Use investor trusted and market proven software to raise capital

Go from readiness to completing a raise quickly and cost effectively


Improve your outcome by improving the quality of information


Follow our Pathway and get aligned with investor expectations

Capital Raise Pathways (Debt, Equity or Debt & Equity)

Ansarada's Capital Raise Pathways (Debt, Equity or Debt & Equity) are digitized checklists outlining all the documentation to provide a clear framework to follow for your raise.

Run a swift and successful investment process

Easily prepare for the most anticipated concerns of investors across all rounds of funding

Centralize critical work

Consolidate your material information in one place to identify risks and eliminate gaps early

Benchmark against the best

Use scorecards to prioritise and track progress as you work toward 100% readiness

Collaborate seamlessly

Set up automated workflows and notifications for your team to guide themselves through the process

Sync from other sources

Integrate with popular tools like Google Drive to pull in information without any extra steps

Complete certainty

Be confident information is optimized and in shape to establish trust and credibility with investors

Are you ready?

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Keep valuations high and risk-premiums low

From preparation and execution to staying in your best shape post-raise, the Capital Raise Pathway has you covered

UI of scorecard 'Ansarada capital raise pathway is selected'

Give investors what they want

Choose the pre-built capital raise pathway and get to your outcome with significantly less cost and risk. Know exactly what investors will be looking at and scoring you on. Identify and fix hidden gaps with ease prior to engaging them.

Female CFO is integrating Ansarada with G-Drive

Automate workflow & preparation

Integrate existing systems of record into a singular collaboration space for visibility across every area of your business. Empower your team and your advisors for all the dynamics of a raise with pre-built workflows, notifications, app integrations and collaboration tools.

Two Advisors using Ansarada on iPad 'UI shows their current scorecard status'

Move swiftly from opportunity to outcome

Put your best foot forward with prospective investors when opportunity knocks. Transition your information into the Virtual Data Room to facilitate your raise. Disclose, control and track your information with third parties end to end.

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Positioning your business with a clear vision and a big aim are essential for a capital raise. Lots of businesses start off with something quite small and generally end up that way.
Richard Kimber, CEO, Co-founder of Daisee

Be ready to seize opportunity

Ansarada’s platform allows you to increase value, eliminate risk, accelerate deals, and seize opportunities before they come knocking.