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ansarada virtual data room

Virtual Data Rooms

Are you ready for your next deal? Here’s all you need to know about virtual data rooms and how they are the key to your business success. Ansarada are here to unveil the myths & mysteries of virtual data rooms, answer your most asked questions and take you through important checklists for companies and advisors.

More than storage and file sharing

More than storage and file sharing

Data rooms aren’t just about collecting, collating and storing information. Modern virtual data rooms integrate with other platforms to allow two-way syncing and drag-and-drop functionality that can get a room up and running in minutes. Granular access privileges, print and save controls, tracking of all actions, reporting and sophisticated Q&A enables seamless collaboration. Artificial intelligence powers and automates smart analytics on the motives and behaviour behind people’s activity.

More than manual labour and guesswork

More than manual labour and guesswork

Artificial Intelligence and automated scorecards not only automate reporting, they predict outcomes with 97% probability within seven days when using a virtual data room for selling an asset. Workflows and processes developed by experts enable advisors and companies to prepare for deals fast and get to work immediately on driving their desired outcome. This saves significant time and money compared to generic tools and processes. Pathways that are reverse engineered from thousands of deals outline what is required - in quantity and quality - in a path to follow for proven success in critical transactions and deals. Only highly advanced data rooms remove the guesswork as to what documents and steps are needed to prepare for and complete a transaction in line with an investor’s or buyer’s requirements.

fixed pricing plans

More than fixed pricing plans and feature packages

Ansarada offer dynamic, pay-as-you-go pricing with entry level plans encourages teams to start securing better outcomes earlier through readiness. Whether for a single user or a small team, pricing scales as the opportunity and requirements do, in a predictable and controllable way. Many vendors contract data rooms off a three-month proposal, leading to pricing surprises as most events run for more than nine months. Look for month-to-month pricing or a discount on an annual subscription to be safe. Customers not wishing to start with a full ‘bells-and-whistles’ virtual data room can now start earlier with a core data room offering, adding features and users they need as the opportunity progresses through convenient add-on packs.

More than limits on data size

More than limits on data size

Legacy data rooms trouble users with information limits and a price tax when they exceed that limit. Some even charge unpredictably based on how many pages you load. Modern data rooms enable you to load as much, or as little, information as you need, so you can budget costs accurately.

More than a transaction tool

More than a transaction tool

Modern data rooms position you to get ready, run and realize value from more than just an M&A, asset sale or capital raise. Companies lower the cost of ownership and leverage data room capabilities for instilling operational discipline, governance and risk management around material information necessary for audits, compliance, tenders, post deal integrations, readiness, investor reporting, board communication and more. Lack of functionality, no integration with cloud storage, complexity of use and pricing based on information limits imposed by legacy rooms - all combine to create roadblocks for companies to prepare for and achieve optimal outcomes.

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Simple design

Intuitive, fast, mobile friendly and easy-to-use, even for first-timers

Ultimate security

Save, print and access controls. Track usage and self destruct files regardless of their saved location

Unlimited data

Simple pricing and flexible plans to suit any need or budget. All data and guest users are free and unlimited

AI powered workflows & insights

World-first AI automates processes and delivers intelligence on bidder behaviour and motives 

Confidence & control

Satisfy risk, compliance and disclosure requirements with ease. Reports capture every action

Instant import

Drag and drop or integrate and sync with popular cloud tools like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive

Powerful collaboration

Go faster with commenting, notifications, and role-based Q&A workflows; including excel and email integrations

Ansarada virtual data room documents UI

Protect the deal and your reputation

Track and destroy documents no matter where they’ve been saved or sent. Get granular control over everything.


Ansarada Q&A workflow UI

Q&A workflow maximizes control and efficiency

Role based workflow, notifications, bulk import, export and 27 other Q&A features keeps the deal moving fast.

Ansarada email with visibility into Q&A and reporting

Know everything, prove anything

Email notifications and comprehensive reporting provides an always on clear view of every activity.

24 7 365 support

Experienced experts on tap 24/7 any way you like

Phone, online help, email, chat or onsite. Our Customer Success team is global, so there’s always someone there to answer a question or quickly resolve an issue.

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