Always Secure StorageAlways Secure Storage

Introducing Ansarada Always™ Secure Storage. Get confidence with the most secure file storage platform.

Secure file storage, sharing and collaboration gives teams total confidence

Store safely, securely and stay connected with end-to-end encryption in the cloud

Maintain your critical information in real time, always-on, and in its best shape

Always Secure. Always in control. Always confident.

Always Secure Storage

Secure central file repository

There are many parts in motion with any organization. We all store and share files with people inside and outside our company daily.

Ansarada Always™ becomes your central repository. Your team can easily upload, securely store, organize, locate, collaborate, edit, annotate, redact and share documents internally or with your advisors in an instant.

Take quick action on documents, workflows and tasks with audit trails inside the world’s most secure platform.

Always Secure Storage

Get always-on visibility of your business

Ansarada stores all of your crucial business information in one secure location for you to access at a moment’s notice. It provides actionable information and tools to give you an always-on snapshot of your business, so you can protect it, eliminate information silos, identify gaps and seize opportunities.

Share your company documentation with trusted advisors or investors, whenever you need to, wherever you need to, via the most secure platform on the planet.

Internal project management

Bring order to your internal task management

A key feature inside Ansarada Always ™ is our Workflow tool. Workflow helps keep track of processes, manage related documents, related data and communication, and provides real time insight to help minimize delays. Now you can upload your existing task spreadsheets or use our ready-made templates. For managers, Workflow provides valuable insights on efficiency of processes in a visual form, such as gantt charts and graphs.

Advisory dealmaking

Bringing order to advisory dealmaking strategies

Ansarada brings together the ability to securely store, share and manage critical information, with access to advanced workflow and collaboration tools. Manage, store, send and track IMs, non-disclosure agreements and process letters with ease.

Picture your client pipeline in a single and clearly visible location. From deal sourcing right through to deal preparation and close, connect with clients and develop their businesses from the outset, adding value well before the deal process and on an ongoing basis. Get started straight away, with zero risk. Share important documentation with advanced security right out of the same space you prepared it in.

It's as easy as...

Access your documents

Secure storage comes right alongside your data room. Create a centralized file depository and access your files instantly from all your computers, mobile devices and the web confidently. Take control of your files from anywhere.

Choose your settings

Control the way you share. Choose between three highly secure share settings and set a date time in the future for the link to no longer be active. Granular security controls give you control and confidence that your most critical work is protected at all times.

Share with confidence

Once you have chosen the settings that are right for you, easily copy the link and share it with anyone outside of the room. If at any point you need to disable a link that has been shared or stop any document that has been saved, you can switch off access at the click of a button.

Confidently share and collaborate securely with anyone, anywhere, any time

share link

Unlimited shares, unlimited capabilities

Combine Ansarada Always™ always-on secure document depository with Ansarada Secure File Share™ so you can access files anywhere, at any time. Give instant access for the people you want to share with - no Ansarada account or software required.

Ansarada bank-grade security

Take no chances with file self-destruct

Use bank-grade security features such as document self-destruct. Ansarada allows you to expire rights outside of the storage, so you can feel confident giving access to third parties, while maintaining the right to hold on to and take back your most important documentation - even if the files have been saved externally.

Customize your sharing settings

Get controlled access

Share files with teams, customers, advisors and regulatory bodies quickly and easily. Control each persons access, with passwords, links and email notifications. Set expiry dates for files and track where they go and who they are saved by.

We call for order

There's more information, more misinformation, more at stake than ever before. Don't put your business at risk with unsecure legacy systems, and all your documents across multiple locations. Get your business in order with Ansarada.
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