A better way to collaborate with your team & guests

Speed and visibility with Q&A, review and approval workflows, commenting tools and notifications

10x your Q&A productivity

Safeguard your reputation with better controls and total compliance

Dozens of purpose-built due diligence Q&A features

Stand-out with Q&A driven insights and intuitive reports

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Eliminate the Q&A risks of email and spreadsheets

Total visibility

Get a full audit trail of all Q&A content, roles, permissions, workflow history and more

Eliminate bottlenecks

Assign clear roles and accountability and use threaded commenting to clarify areas of concern. Easily set single Q&A strings of communication within bidder groups

Q&A via email

Manage Q&A from your email as usual but with everything tracked and consolidated at the back end

Complete security & control

Set who can view subjects, specific questions and answers across both buy and sell-side roles

Manage Q&A workload

Set limits on questions volume and frequency.  Run a tighter process and uncover genuine priorities from bidders

Ansarada Q&A workflow tool UI

The most efficient way to Q&A

Collaboration to enable the right people to answer the right questions is made easy with our bulk Q&A actions. Select multiple questions, assign the right disclosure levels, and request input from the subject matter experts using a range of bulk question editing actions.

Ansarada Q&A and reporting email

The convenience of email without the risk

Using emails to facilitate Q&A has been messy previously; 38% of all actions involve getting answers reviewed and approved before disclosure, and 90% of questions take up to 6 interactions to answer. Approve and answer questions through the Q&A system from your email inbox without needing to log in or learn a new tool. Everything is clearly tracked at the backend, making Q&A much safer.

Q&A thread UI

A single source of truth

Managing due diligence using our data room Q&A streamlines the process and eliminates the potential for human error, multiple conversation threads, duplicated work, or breaches of security or confidentiality, so you always feel confident and secure.

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