Control your deal down to the letter with smart redaction

Built-in redaction makes it easy to manage disclosure of your most sensitive information.

Redact information with ease and confidence

Protect your most sensitive information

Get the certainty that your clients’ information is safe and secure

Total control, total confidence


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Secure by design

Ansarada’s built-in redaction tool gives you options to easily manage your redaction process directly in your data room, removing the need to systematically document version control. We’ve designed redaction with the evolving landscape of dealmaking in mind.

Pattern redaction

Redact with speed

Bulk redaction and pattern recognition functionality allows you to quickly identify and remove words, phrases, or all instances of patterned information like emails. Now you can redact and unredact directly in the Data Room with speed and simplicity.

Superior security with granular settings

Customize your redaction

Customize the look and content of your redaction messaging for ease of review by outside parties, and maintain a constant log of your existing redactions to keep your team in the know, and manage any future unredactions at a glance.

In-built submission redaction

Maintain probity in procurement

Our in-built redaction tool ensures that sensitive procurement bidder submissions can easily be redacted without ever leaving the platform. This ensures that both document security and a consistent audit trail are easily maintained - simplifying your process and providing all involved parties with the sense of integrity required for a compliant transaction.

Take control of your most sensitive information

We’re proud to say we’ve kept 400,000 reputations safe for over 15 years via our secure-by-default approach which ensures your information is always safe, always under your control.
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