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Bulk AI-powered redaction makes it easy to manage disclosure of your most sensitive information.

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AI powered redaction

Save time with AI redaction

We know how painful redacting multiple documents in a deal can be. Which is why we use best-in-class OCR and AI powered by Microsoft Azure that begins scanning your documents as soon as they are in your document index, not just when you’re ready to redact. Automated PII and AI pattern recognition will show you a number of automatically detected patterns to choose from when redacting. You can select as many as you like to redact at once.  

Bulk AI powered redaction

Seamlessly redact over 500 documents in minutes

Bulk redaction makes your life easier. Redact more than 500 documents simultaneously, with automated AI-pattern recognition, and the ability to elect over 30 customized terms to redact at once. You'll have the ability to preview, modify and confirm the automated redaction, and you can choose whether you want to save over your original files, or make copies instead. Un-redaction is as simple and quick as unticking a box. 

Document index

Protect your reputation

We hear from dealmakers every day about the pain that they have in redacting client documents, how long it takes, how boring and repetitive it is. But also how crucial it is. You don't want to risk the reputation of your firm, or that of your client, if something is missed. Ansarada’s built-in redaction tool means you can easily manage your redaction process directly in your data room, removing the need to systematically document version control. We’ve designed redaction with the evolving landscape of dealmaking in mind.

Pattern redaction

Redact and un-redact with speed

Bulk redaction and pattern recognition functionality allows you to quickly identify and remove words, phrases, or all instances of patterned information like emails, addresses, company names, IBANS, Swift codes, and much, much more. Choose from the automatically detected patterns that our tool finds for you, or elect up to 30 customisable search terms to redact simultaneously, or do both at the same time! There's no limit to how many search terms you can use in your room, giving you flexibility and control.  Now you can redact and unredact directly in the Data Room with speed and simplicity.

In-built submission redaction

Maintain probity in procurement

Our in-built redaction tool ensures that sensitive procurement bidder submissions can easily be redacted without ever leaving the platform. This ensures that both document security and a consistent audit trail are easily maintained - simplifying your process and providing all involved parties with the sense of integrity required for a compliant transaction.

Take control of your most sensitive information

We’re proud to say we’ve kept 400,000 reputations safe for over 15 years via our secure-by-default approach which ensures your information is always safe, always under your control.
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