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Ansarada Intelligent Data Assistant (AiDA) gives you intelligent insights at a moment’s notice to assure outcomes and reduce risk

Better insights lead to better outcomes

Eliminate guesswork - predict outcomes with 97% accuracy

Use AI to spot risks, gaps and better prioritize actions

Automated and instant reporting

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M&A Game changer

Ansarada Ai-powered deal guide on iPad

What does a deal fuelled by AI look like?

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Sort and organize your documents in minutes, not months with Smart Upload

Smart Upload

Reduce deal preparation time for transactions

Ansarada's Smart Upload feature dramatically reduces the time it takes you to prepare by automatically sorting your documents as you upload them into an Ansarada Pathway. Forget organizing and sorting hundreds of documents. What would normally take weeks or even months to accomplish is now done with the click of a button.

Bidder engagement and insights on iPhone

Real-time insights into bidder status, engagement and areas of focus

Save hundreds of hours with AI-powered deal reporting and self-sorting documents. Generate reports in real-time and predict outcomes in minutes. Ask AiDA a question about your active deal for an instant response, and she’ll recommend similar questions. Get full visibility with tracking on all PDF documents that bidders view and print – inside and outside the room.

Bidder engagement probability score displayed on iPhone

Predict the outcome of your deal with 97% probability 

Back up your gut instinct with data and predict the outcome of a transaction with certainty. Know what your next move should be with the Bidder Engagement Score, which reaches up to 97% accuracy by day 7, trained on 30,000+ deals. AI predictive analytics equal better decision making and more successful strategies. 

Ai-powered bidder engagement score UI displayed on iPhone

Eliminate bidders early that aren’t engaged

Investigate every action, surface the top 3 reasons bidders are engaged, and focus your efforts on the bidders who are likely to convert. Cut the time wasters out early and spend your time and energy on what will get results.

Top ways AiDA can take you further

Automate reporting

Real-time insights into bidder status, engagement and areas of focus. Let AiDA take care of the admin while you focus on driving outcomes

Data-driven insights

Use AI to remove subjectivity and predict outcomes. Built and perfected from the insights of over 30,000 transactions

Understand bidder behaviour

AI highlights areas of focus and interest, eliminating time spent on disengaged bidders

Assure outcomes, reduce risk

Use AI to build greater strength in the transaction and move forward faster, with less risk

Rapid Deal Preparation

Sort and organize your documents to your preferred structure in minutes with the click of a button and set a course toward a successful deal from day one

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