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We’ve worked with Ansarada for more than four years. The data rooms are quick and easy to use and the experience is trouble free. If we ever need help, we can get a real person on the phone straight away. The attentive support makes cross border deals much simpler.
Nick Pembshaw, Business Development Director, Santos Ltd

It's the fastest and easiest way to do due diligence in oil and gas transactions


Get confidence from proven workflows, due diligence processes and best practices.

  • A clear and comprehensive checklist of all the information you'll need
  • Adaptable oil and gas due diligence process that can be reused to suit the needs of any sized company or transaction
  • Clearly understand your assets and liabilities, financial records, geological maps, well logs, surveyor notes and more
  • Based on global best practice and benchmarked against 23,000+ deals

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Keep all your material information for multiple portfolio assets tracked, up-to-date, and in one place for full visibility, unique insights and a complete audit trail at every stage of the portfolio lifecycle.

Use templated scorecards to benchmark your information and activity against 23,000+ previous transactions to measure progress.


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Prepare for an acquisition or investment in the most efficient and cost-effective way by automating workflow with collaborative features, like purpose-built due diligence Q&A.

Industry-first AI tools like the Bidder Engagement Score enable you to uncover unique insights and respond rapidly to market shifts and opportunities.


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