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Regulatory overhauls are shifting the landscape and Healthcare businesses are adapting with Ansarada

Get visibility and accountability across all areas of your business

Run streamlined compliance, readiness and transaction processes in parallel

Automate workflows to streamline transactions and other outcomes

Scale your compliance automatically while your team continues delivering the highest quality of service 

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Ansarada Pathways - the fastest and easiest way to any outcome in Healthcare

Get confidence from proven workflows, processes and best practices

  • Clear and comprehensive checklists of all the information you’ll need
  • Easily adapted, templated and can be reused to suit the needs of any sized company or transaction
  • Pathways are based on global best practice and benchmarked against 30,000+ previous deals

Healthcare providers are gaining a digital advantage

Here’s how they're achieving always-on transaction readiness and compliance

Ansarada scorecard UI displaying companies readiness score

The quickest way to an outcome

Healthcare organizations are completing acquisitions in half the time of legacy methods with Ansarada.

Use templated scorecards to guide vendors through critical information, then track progress and activity.

Collaboration, education guides and workflow tools keep momentum going pre, during and post deal.

Ansarada's advanced security UI

Reduce risk, stay protected

Keep everything synced and tracked in one place for full visibility and a complete audit trail. Security features allow you to set granular permissions and access, which run automatically once set up. Hold onto your sensitive IP with advanced tools like remote file self-destruct - even on files that have been saved outside the data room.

Ansarada bidder engagement score UI

Act with complete confidence

Customizable Pathways allow you to template your compliance needs, yet still respond rapidly to regulatory changes.

Leverage industry-first AI tools to speed up processes at every stage.

Use the AI-powered Bidder Engagement Score to uncover data-driven insights that allow you to respond rapidly to opportunities and market shifts.

Trusted by leaders globally

I found during the three month sale process that Ansarada had superb customer service. I was very impressed with their promptness in returning calls and their genuine willingness to help.” Optimized Ortho was sold to the UK’s Corin Group, a manufacturer and supplier of orthopaedic devices. “The buy side, as we did, found Ansarada easy to use. Using Ansarada lowered the stress of the deal.”
Bede O’Connor, Co-founder, Optimised Ortho

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