Boost visibility and scalability in Utilities & Infrastructure projects

Manage complex projects, events and processes with ease

Benchmark, evaluate and acquire in the simplest way

Cut time spent on acquisitions/investments in half and reveal your most promising targets

Efficiently manage tenders and projects with probity and control

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Use Ansarada to drive more revenue in large scale projects

See how Utilities and Infrastructure companies are increasing the capacity of their teams


Understand your pipeline from end-to-end

Get full clarity over all assets and activity by keeping all your material information digitized, tracked, and up-to-date within Ansarada’s platform.

Keep it synced in one place for full visibility, unique insights and a complete audit trail at every stage.


Move quickly, free up resources

Use AI automation and collaborative workflow tools to prepare for an acquisition or investment in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Allocate resources, down to the individual or team level, and save significant time, keeping projects on track and under budget.


Be confident in every critical decision

Stay in control of every situation with advanced security features like remote file self-destruct and granular access and permissions. 

Always know what’s coming next with industry-first AI tools and analytics, and use data to drive decision making.

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High value, infrastructure tenders are among the most difficult and high-risk processes a government will undertake. Download our guide to see how the right tool for the job can make the entire process run quickly, smoothly, and without the risk
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"We’ve worked with Ansarada for more than four years. The data rooms are quick and easy to use and the experience is trouble free. If we ever need help, we can get a real person on the phone straight away. The attentive support makes cross border deals much simpler.”
Nick Pembshaw, Business Development Manager, Santos Ltd

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