Frequently asked questions

The answers to the questions we get asked most often. For general information relating to M&A, due diligence and virtual data rooms, take a look at our virtual data room 101 page.

Ansarada opened its doors in 2005 and now has offices all around the world. We’ve handled many thousands of M&A deals, large and small for all manner of clients. Our 70+ people are highly experienced in every facet of M&A transactions – in fact, that’s exclusively what we do all day every day.

Ansarada works with top M&A advisors all over the planet including investment banks, law firms, accountancy firms, private equity, corporates and government. Our clients.

With an Ansarada data room, bidders can find what’s relevant to them and get answers to their questions fast without frustrations. For the sell side, Ansarada has 100+ features such as reports that track bidder activity and interest levels, document security controls to protect your information and proactive assistance from our support team who have guided more than 5,000 successful M&A deals.

Using Ansarada makes it easier for sellers and their advisors to focus on what they do best during a deal and this ultimately helps you get a successful result in less time for less money.

For current users, all you need to do is click on the new data room button and customise it with your own logo, colours and URL – or you can just ask our friendly support team to do it for you. Easy.

If you’re new to Ansarada or would like a fully functional demo room to play with just contact us and we will get you set up in less than 10 minutes.

No time at all. We can have a branded data room ready for upload within 10 minutes.

Of course. In fact, please do. We know that once you see Ansarada in action you’ll want to use us. All you have to do is say when.

Only when the first bidder actually logs into your data room. This lets sellers and advisors get a data room set up right away and use it for preparing the final set of due diligence materials without incurring any usage costs.

M&A transactions vary in size and complexity and rarely work to agreed timelines. Depending on all the parties involved and market conditions, the start of due diligence can be easily delayed.

By the size of your information and length of time you need your data room. We have 1, 3, 6 and 12 months duration options to choose from, that only commence once a bidder actually logs in.

Our standard fees only apply to Microsoft office files and PDF’s. Industries that can have very large file sizes from technical data benefit from significant discounts for uncommon files that are large in size.

It couldn’t be easier. With one action an entire folder structure sitting on your server or desktop can be transferred from your computer to your new data room. Features such as auto numbering can index thousands of documents for you so there’s nothing else to do (except have that cup of coffee you’ve been craving.)

We’re passionate about simplicity, so like all your bidders, you won’t need training. That said, when you first begin or if you ever have any questions, we do have a full client services team ready to walk you through the data room and how to get the most out of what is available. They are there at any time in the process if you need to talk to someone.

On demand 24/7 service is guaranteed. M&A isn’t 9-5 so neither are we!

A number of our support staff are multilingual but our primary support language is English.

No. Accessing Ansarada couldn’t be easier. With no need for any downloads, plug-ins or even java, you have immediate access, whether it’s on your smart phone or sitting at your desk. Whatever operating system, whatever browser, Ansarada access is just a few clicks away.

Any file format. It takes all kinds to make an M&A deal. So whether you have normal disclosure documents, special supporting information or even cryptic technical data, anything and everything can be uploaded to your data room.

Ansarada works on all current operating systems and browsers. Some older systems and browsers are unsupported due to security concerns.

Yes. M&A professionals do a lot of travel and they rarely clock off. That’s why Ansarada works on everything you work on.

Ansarada has been accredited to the holy grail of security certifications – the industry-recognised standard ISO 27001. To attain that accreditation, we’re regularly audited by Lloyds Quality Register against 135 individual security policies, procedures and techniques.

We operate from 2 separate active data centres. Both mirror each other to take care of even the most extreme scenarios. All equipment in each data centre is redundant, there is no single point of failure on any hardware or software.

Yes. And we do. We’ve handled multi-billion dollar M&A deals for clients all over the world. Our data rooms range in size from 56 pages to our largest at over 2.6 million. We’re set up to handle large scale international transactions that need high levels of inquiry and administration support with a range of languages supported.

Yes. For the same reasons you’d use us for a larger deal: professionalism, ease of use, lots of benefits and a fee system that’s only dependent on what you use and how long you use it.

Thirteen: English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Latin America), Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Yes. And it’s easy. Everything the bidders do, you’ll know about. Ansarada offers customised summary or granular reporting across all users, documents and Q&A activity. These secure, legal grade reports can be retrieved and archived at any time in the process.

$0. At the conclusion of the deal we courier a secure USB drive containing the master archive. The first copy is at no cost.

One room for your next deal

Every Ansarada Room comes with exclusive features that we designed to simplify the deal process and makes deals easier.

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