M&A software built from proven expertise and experience across 35,000+ transactions

Proven M&A Process Management Software for a successful company sale

Impress potential buyers with the world's most advanced M&A tools

Empower your advisors and team to do their best work with our advanced M&A software

Be confident you’re in control and ready for all deal management scenarios


Exiting made easy with purpose-built deal tools

Put our M&A software and data from 24,000+ deals to work on your company sale

Ultimate security controls

Granular print, save and access permissions. Track usage and self destruct files anywhere, any time regardless of their location

Effective collaboration

Work with maximum efficiency through collaborative workflows and notifications to guide and accelerate progress throughout the deal lifecycle

Importing & cloud connections

Drag and drop or integrate and sync with popular cloud tools like Box, Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive

AI for smart decisions

Trained on thousands of deals, the AI Bidder Engagement Score gives insights into bidder behaviour to separate the tyre kickers from the rest

Your best foot forward

With features and 24/7 support for any deal scenario, you and your entire deal team will be in control and ready for anything

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Ensure the highest valuation and a successful M&A transaction

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Address gaps and risks upfront

Choose M&A Exit as your transaction type and begin preparation immediately in a purpose-built template built off the learnings of 24,000+ previous transactions. Know your blind spots and where to close gaps before they have the potential to impact your business exit.

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Execute the transaction faster

Empower your team, advisors and investors for all the dynamics of an M&A exit with pre-built workflows, app integrations and collaborative tools. Automated deal reporting can save hundreds of hours spent on reporting and analyst work.

Bidder engagement score 'shows which bidders are most engaged in deal'

Impress prospective bidders

When it’s time to sell, transition your information into the Virtual Data Room and disclose it to third parties. Track and control your information end to end, with advanced security features like remote file self-destruct.

Half of all M&A deals fail

Don’t be just another statistic. Prepare for a successful company sale or merger with our M&A Guidebook.
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I've been doing deals with Ansarada now for going on 12 years. From the first deal I'd ever done; being able to have that visibility, see what bidders are doing and share information very seamlessly and securely – it’s amazing how something so simple can change your life, just in terms of being able to manage the process.
Alex Jordan, Partner, Deloitte

Be ready to maximize value

Built using winning exit strategies from thousands of sell-side deals run on our software platform, Ansarada Deals will allow you to move fast and exceed price expectations