Secure your data, secure your deal

Total control over your information, so you can stay in control of your deal.

Save, print and access controls keep you protected through every critical click

Track usage and self destruct files regardless of their saved location

Mitigate risk by encrypting and securing information on and off the platform

ISO 27001 certified for over 10 years

Simple, smart, secure

Safe by default

Keep your process resistant to human error, with all complexities at the backend

Granular access & permissions

Refine your permission controls down to the user

Save, print & access controls

Track usage and self destruct files regardless of their saved location

Highest standard of compliance

Complying with GDPR and ISO27001 certified

Leave a trail

Full audit trail of all activity, including reporting on access setup

Confidence & control

Satisfy risk, compliance and disclosure requirements with ease. Reports capture every action

Start securing your files in seconds

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Ansarada's advance security

More method, less mayhem

Remove risk and banish complexity to the backend, leaving only the simplest controls at the front for the most efficient and intuitive experience. Get all the controls you need to protect against mistakes and ensure total compliance during your transaction when it comes to managing risk, people, critical information and security. 

Remote file self destruct

Complete control, complete confidence

Keep hold of your IP. Share your most sensitive information confidently with the ability to remote self-destruct documents at any point in the transaction. When you remove a bidder or guest from the room, their rights programmatically expire, including information saved outside the room. Allow outside parties to run the financial models required for proper analysis, while reserving the right to retain your most important data later on.

Real time reporting

Maintain compliance with a full audit trail

Our platform is GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified. Get a full record of deal activity on-demand access to document history, in-depth user activity, and a full record of the Q&A process when you’re live in a transaction room. Security and reporting tools provide a comprehensive view of your access settings to ensure you can easily review setup and move into go mode.

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