Your Pathway to a seamless post-merger integration

You’ve worked hard to finalize the merger - let’s help you realize those returns

Keep teams aligned with purpose-built collaboration & integration tools

Get full visibility over details from both sides of the deal

All pre-deal expectations, prioritized & realized

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    Executing the deal was just the first step

    Realize full value after your M&A deal with the Post-Merger Integration Pathway

    Seamlessly integrate systems

    Teams can work with the tools they already know and love, while everything is integrated automatically at the backend

    Get a 360 degree view

    View critical information from both sides in one dashboard location and benchmarked against best practice

    Uphold value

    Establish review channels with stakeholders on both sides to ensure value and knowledge are preserved in the transfer

    Align the team

    Keep teams on the same page and communication lines open with automated workflow and collaboration tools

    Move forward at a pace

    The Pathway acts as a roadmap for the newly formed team to thrive and prepare to seize opportunities together

    Ongoing management of your post-merger integration

    Maintain full visibility on all of the essential tasks required following a successful closure

    Scorecard UI with Ansarada Post Merger Integration pathway selected

    Preserve data, maximize value

    Use the Post-Merger Integration Pathway to benchmark yourself against best practices and ensure that every element is actioned with full visibility. Eliminate the risk of lost knowledge/value by establishing review channels with stakeholders on both sides of the table from day one.

    Business woman sending message to co-worker using Ansarada. Scorecards open on laptop in the background

    Consolidate and coordinate

    Coordinate the team with automated workflows and collaboration tools. Software integrations enable both sides to work with the tools they are already familiar with, while everything is synced and tracked for a full record trail of all information and activity.

    Happy female business owner laughing with co-workers

    Focus on the future

    Give both sides of the transaction a clear path to follow, enabling them to move quickly and be ready to seize the next opportunity as a high performing, unified team.

    Brands you admire use Ansarada

    • Bank of America
    • Bank of America
    • Bank of America
    • J.P.Morgan
    • Goldman Sachs
    • Credit Swiss
    The Ansarada platform inherently links sell-side and buy-side documentation and activities together, whilst linking the deal team due diligence and rationale with the integration team to provide direction. It also speeds up the acquisition of knowledge and planning for all buy-side activities.
    Henry McNeill, Managing Director, PMI Partners

    Be ready to maximize value

    Use the Post-Merger Integration Pathway to streamline your integration and keep your teams aligned and thriving in a collaborative environment