When it comes to M&A, you don’t want to compromise. Information is precious and highly confidential, so you need the most sophisticated security and control. Yet time is of the essence, so you need simple access to information as changes happen, enabling you and everyone involved in the transaction to act fast.

Which is why, when choosing a virtual data room for your due diligence process, it makes sense to partner with a company who have structured their product and service around these critical pillars to ensure your specific needs are met. Although our due diligence process, it makes sense to partner with a company who have structured their product and service around these critical pillars to ensure your specific needs are met. Although our virtual data rooms are highly sophisticated and tailored to the specific needs of due diligence, we ensure they remain simple and intuitive to use.

Sophistication – Smart design giving you better insights & control

Simplicity – A faster, easier way of working

As specialists in due diligence, these pillars drive everything we do. So you can trust an ansarada virtual data room will help you deliver the best results. Every time.


Everyone involved in M&A relies on insight: whether it’s fast, top level insights to power decisions and maximize outcomes, or detailed insights to meet proof of disclosure and minimise risk. Buyers want to conduct thorough due diligence with minimal hassle. Sellers want to assess potential bidders for the best possible outcome.

But during an M&A project the only thing that is constant is change. In high stake M&A projects, where any multitude of changes can affect the outcome, the ability to adapt functionality and access to information at speed is vital. This is why ansarada has collaborated with experts across the world to build a specialised virtual data room with advanced performance and capabilities tailored easily to your needs.

However, nothing is more important than knowing your information is in safe hands. Not just in terms of confidentiality, but compliance and future audit capabilities. This is why we ensure our security is as exceptional as our product.

Using ansarada’s sophisticated platform, backed by a team of experts, you will feel in control and on track to deliver a successful outcome, whatever path your M&A transaction may take.

Enjoy the advantage of:

BESPOKE CONTROL – Deploy & manage any scale project with ease

CUSTOMISATION – Impress everyone with a fully tailored experience

INTELLIGENT REPORTING – Relevant insights how and when you need them

BULK FUNCTIONALITY – Save valuable time by applying commands en masse

HIGH PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY – Work smarter with advanced infrastructure and applications

BEST PRACTICE SECURITY AND CERTIFICATIONS – Sleep easy with independent proof of our claims


ansarada VDRs have been designed to be so easy to use, they virtually run themselves. Regardless of whether you are new to VDRs or and old hand with another platform, we’re confident you will find your way with ease so you can get back to what you are doing best – ensuring the most advantageous outcome possible.

As more and more M&A transactions span country borders, with different cultures and time zones, ansarada has designed a virtual data room platform that anyone can use anywhere around the world, irrespective of country, experience, technical ability or equipment.

Because an ansarada VDR can work on any browser, we can set you up with a custom branded data room within minutes, upload your information, and grant secure access to all participants wherever they may be around the world. With no extra plugins, applets, flash or downloads required, all parties will be able to access the data room on any browser from any device and operating system from day one.

Once your deal gets moving, you won’t want anything to get in the way, least of all technology. Not only have we optimised the design and functionality so you can act fast, but ansarda’s team of experts is  always on hand ready to respond to whatever you need, whenever you need it.

ansarada virtual data rooms make life a little easier by being:

INTUITIVELY SIMPLE – As easy as browsing your favourite website

DESIGNED FOR EVERYONE – Made so even the least tech-savvy feel confident

ON ANY BROWSER, ANY SYSTEM – No pre-requirements, no headaches

FAST TO SET UP – No need to wait, you can start today

FAST TO FIND HELP – Keep projects moving with a nimble support team ready to help

BACKED BY EXPERTS – Proactive advice to keep you confident