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Standardize your processes and manage the entire deal lifecycle in a single, centralized platform

Spin up your own Data Rooms in minutes and safely speed up transactions 

Automate manual processes, bring order to disparate systems, and close more high-value deals

Take control of every step of your development

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Designed for high-growth companies developing at scale

AI-powered Virtual Data Rooms

Intuitive VDR with industry-first AI tools that automate workflows and save you valuable time.

Simple SaaS pricing

Flexible monthly or annual subscription plans, all with unlimited users

Proven paths to outcomes

Free access to industry best-practice deal checklists, templates and detailed requirements for high quality deal prep and execution

Ultimate security

Control access, saving and printing with bank-grade security. Track and self-destruct files anytime anywhere, even if you've allowed bulk downloading and saving of them

Experts on call 24/7

Award winning, round-the-clock support and customer success management

End-to-end transaction management

Centralize all your deal activity with Deal Workflow™, project management tools, advanced data rooms, AI deal insights and post-merger integration frameworks

Run multiple processes simultaneously across a single purpose-built platform

Bidder engagement score predicts with 97% accuracy

Close high-value deals faster

With a SaaS platform anchored in simplicity and great design, move forward with speed and ease. AI automation and collaborative workflow tools enable you to respond rapidly to the dynamics of the event or the market. A single source of truth for all data in real-time allows you to closely monitor progress and prioritize the most promising opportunities. 

Superior security with granular settings

Centralize all your deal activity

With a highly secure, centralized deals space, teams get full visibility over targets’ documentation and highlight any risks or potential showstoppers early on, before they have the potential to put deals or reputations at stake. 

Bulk AI powered redaction

Shave hours off your deal prep

Bulk AI-redaction

  • Redact 500+ documents simultaneously
  • Elect 30+ customizable search terms to redact at once. There's no limit to how many search terms you can use in your room.  
  • Automated PII and AI pattern recognition 
  • Best-in-class OCR and AI that begins scanning your documents as soon as they are in your document index, not just when you’re ready to redact 
  • Preview, modify and confirm suggested automated redaction edits 
  • Choose whether to save over your original files, or make new copies
  • Receive an excel report detailing the redaction edits that were made 
  • Un-redaction is as simple and quick as unticking a box 
Real time reporting

Be confident in every critical decision

How? With security, workflow and analytics tools that put you in total control of any situation pre, during or post deals. Leverage industry-first AI tools and a global customer success team available 24/7 with experience from tens of thousands of deals.

Use workflow to track your post acquisition integration

From preparation to integration in a single platform

Don't let integration be an afterthought. Ansarada Deals is a total transaction management solution, facilitating the earliest stages of strategic work through to a full integration of assets. Ensure you are maximizing synergies and getting the most value out of every acquisition.

Ansarada Board

Digital board governance software to empower boards

Good governance should be simple. The right governance technology empowers your organization to act strategically, while maintaining compliance, mitigating risk and driving efficiency.           
Given our commitment to innovation and achieving the best customer experience, Ansarada Board software comes with a suite of guidance documents including board charters, policies and appointment documentation for new directors. These may be customized and applied to best suit your needs, saving you significant cost.

All our different deals are viewable in the Ansarada portal; you can log in to see 3-4 different deals, all right there. People know where to go, what folders to look in, and where their materials will be. From the early days, that’s one thing that helped us streamline our diligence process.
John Mills, Associate General Counsel and Senior Director of M&A and Investments, VMWARE California

VMWare masters acquisitions the modern way

VMWare has standardized on Ansarada to run up to 10 successful deals each year
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