Pathways: The simplest path to your next win

Ansarada Pathways give you the simplest way from A to B. Take the proven path to reach your next outcome, based on the learnings of 35,000+ before you.

By CCWMon Mar 25 2019

Consider your company’s next major milestone. Is it a funding round? An M&A deal? A relatively simple audit or board reporting process?

Now, consider the scrutiny of third parties. How ready would you be, in your current state, to meet the expectations of the world’s best investors, advisors and business leaders?

(Trust us – you don’t want to be finding out after the transaction.)

Achieving any critical business outcome starts with an understanding and a clear process to follow. The quickest way to win? A proven pathway.

Ansarada’s new pathways put you in the driver’s seat and give you the map to guide yourself, using the learnings of 35,000+ before you.


Turn opportunities into outcomes

Ansarada’s pathways are a proven method of ensuring your business’s critical outcomes are achieved in the simplest and safest way.

Start by using a scorecard to assess your current state today – automatically and objectively – against definitive outcomes from tens of thousands of transactions. Your score acts as a map, allowing you to see exactly where you are in the process, what is required, and how far you’ve still got to go.

Critical information is visible and always-on within the platform, with clear accountability assigned to the people and advisors who are responsible for it, cutting out messy back-and-forth and information silos.

When business is in its best possible state, your transaction room can be securely created in an instant so you’re ready to engage in unexpected opportunities. Documentation can be custom-fit to your needs and teams ready to go to market in moments. You can move quickly with the confidence that external parties see your potential for what it truly is.


Take action and create urgency

Scores and progress bars tap into our natural human instincts for competition and achievement – and who’s more competitive than a C-suite executive?

By rewarding your team with an improved score every time they upload a document to the platform, you’re reinforcing their behaviour – they are that little bit closer to hitting 100% and reaching that outcome. They might even enjoy themselves. (Stranger things have happened.)

With the pathway in place and everyone on the same page, critical risks are managed, opportunities are pursued, and your most important business outcomes are achieved every time.

And that means you can achieve even more of them.


We’d love to show you the way to your next milestone. 
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