Your Pathway to secure and compliant tender management

The only software solution purpose-built to securely run complex, high value Tenders

Eliminate the risk of running disparate systems and manual, repetitive processes

Act fast and confidently, with full Tender lifecycle management in a single platform

Harness the power of the platform used on some of the world's largest infrastructure projects

Trusted for more than $500 billion in infrastructure transactions

Put the data and insights from 25,000+ deals to work on your tender process

Ease of access

Intuitive and accessible for all users, with zero plugins or software to install. Setup takes a few hours - not weeks.

2-way RFI/Q&A system

Purpose-built two-way Q&A and collaborative tools, including robust approval workflows

Secure, tracked submissions

Integrated, highly secure ‘locked box’, multi window submission tool

Redaction tool

Built-in software to create multiple redacted versions of bidder submissions

Evaluation tool

Integrated functionality manages the entire evaluation process securely from start to finish

Probity Automated

Intelligent reporting and comprehensive audit trails are available on demand

Stay protected

Benefit from the highest levels of document security and tracking, including features like remote file kill-switch

24/7/365 client services team

Best in class training and help from an Ansarada team with experience running the world’s largest Tenders.

The only full lifecycle Tender management technology

Your definitive RFP - Tender checklist

We’ve broken down the questions you need to ask of your Tender solution provider to meet all non-negotiable requirements in the most secure and efficient way.

What does confidence look like in a complex tender process?

From preparation, to managing bidders' access, Q&A in both directions, secure disclosure and submissions, evaluation and award, our platform has it covered

Advisor using the Ansarada platform to manage tenders process. 'UI of bidder Q&A screen displayed on laptop'

Set up a fair and equitable process in minutes

Automate processes and use granular access and permission settings to enable large numbers of users, documents and requirements with the relevant levels of confidentiality. Get proof of disclosure records and comprehensive reports to prove probity in a single click. Track document views, searches, downloads and printing – both internal and external.

Ansarada's powerful tender Q&A tools UI

Keep Q&A contained and tracked

Two-way Q&A functionality keeps the entire process within the platform, with both sides able to ask and answer questions from a single role. Answers are disclosed to a single party, or many parties – without revealing identities – and RFI workflows are automated to ensure compliance. Auditors receive a single source of information exchange to review.

Laptop displaying Ansarada's advanced security UI

Secure by design

Track usage and take back documents whenever you like, even after they’ve been saved and downloaded. Protocols are verified in real-time, so revoking access is instant. For an extra level of protection on your high priority material, take advantage of print, save, edit and watermark restrictions.

We use systems like Ansarada where it’s all controlled and managed. Once it’s set up and it’s operating, you can’t send the wrong information to the wrong person.
John McLuckie, Valorem Advisory

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