Is it time to let go?

2022 Divestment Drivers

With COVID-19 in the rear-view mirror and concerns like supply chain disruption still lying ahead, companies have plenty of reasons to reflect and re-evaluate. See what's driving divestment in 2022.

What's inside

Divestment is an important and often underrated tool in the M&A toolset for strengthening portfolios and bringing attention back to core business.

✅      Deal strategies shift to alway on

✅      Challenges of creating value through divestment

✅      What’s impacting the divestment landscape?

✅      5 divestment drivers

✅      Spotlight on ESG: Fossil fuel divestment exceeds $40 trillion

✅      Motivation drives pace: Divesting as an activism strategy

✅      Selling an asset: Legacy practices vs. the evolution

✅      The best way to divest