2023 H1 Deal Indicators Report

Indicators show sustainable dealmaking is not the future - it's right here and now

Decode the market six to twelve months in advance with game-changing data insights. ESG due diligence takes centre stage in our latest Deal Indicators report.

What's inside

Indicators insights reveal:

✅      Global M&A activity is down 14% YoY, but up 51% compared to 2020; despite the steady stabilization, valuation gaps remain a concern

✅     Targeted acquisitions are down 49% QoQ but up 27% YoY; highly sought after targets are those with a strategic growth & sustainability focus

✅     ESG due diligence is gaining recognition as a critical factor in M&A deals and capital raises due to the growing demand for companies with ESG credentials

✅      Bankruptcy deals increased by 20% in Q4 2022 and 35% YoY, particularly impacting companies that didn't adapt to pandemic changes or those facing geopolitical turmoil

✅     IPO activity increased by 50% over the quarter, but was down 52% over 2022 as market volatility and uncertainty caused a large number of IPOs to be delayed or withdrawn

✅     New tech M&A deals decreased by 34% in Q4 of 2022, but activity was up 50% compared to the previous year due to decreasing valuations

✅      And much, much more...