Ansarada AiQ Bidder Engagement Score

Your bidders are smart, but thanks to the AiQ Bidder Engagement Score, you’re now smarter

AI and machine learning come together in the world’s first bidder behavior assessment to bring you an entirely new perspective on your material event. The score’s algorithm is trained and tested on tens of thousands of deals, giving you the advantage of insights that lead to and complement your actions and decisions during a transaction.
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Better predictions, better deals

Learn how you can gain advantage and know your bidders' intentions. You benefit by:

  • Reducing transaction costs associated with running legacy data room reports, collating different metrics and interpreting results
  • Making faster, more effective decisions in reaction to bidder behavior in your deal room
  • Reducing time during which bidders are unengaged in a deal room by identification and satisfying any concerns earlier

Bidder engagement score

57 separate metrics, 1 revealing score

The AiQ Bidder Engagement Score uses artificial intelligence to tell you who is engaged, who’s not and why. We align your bidders to the behavioral patterns of successful and engaged bidders across 57 separate attributes, including daily logins, document views, advisor activity and bidder group size.

See your bidder’s next move before they make it

The score quickly and objectively lets you understand the likelihood of a bidder completing the due diligence process, reaching the negotiation stage and submitting an offer, so you can focus your attention on the right ones. Get these insights whenever you want them so you can be prepared with the right information to make decisions for your business – anytime, anywhere.

Leave the guesswork behind

The AiQ Bidder Engagement Score is generated from insights based on more than 20,000 deals. It can reach up to 97% accuracy by day 7, which enables you to tailor your deal strategy and make critical decisions with next level confidence. No more guessing.

Insights and results

The engine can reveal some eye-opening truths about likely bidder outcomes, and help you get to the ‘why’ behind the data faster. This eliminates the need for manual collection and reporting of isolated or subjective statistics, saving you time and expense.


Get unparalleled insight into who is a serious bidder in your Ansarada Room, gain advantage with earlier more accurate AI bidder predictions.

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