Meet AiDA: a revolutionary addition to your team

The Ansarada Intelligent Deal Assistant (AiDA) is an interactive assistant who will change the way you interact with your data room. AiDA is the on-demand iPhone app that never sleeps, never makes mistakes, and is always available with information and insights based on the intelligence of tens of thousands of deals.

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Get the most out of Ansarada with AiDA, the analyst in your pocket

AiDA is a revolutionary addition to your team. It’s an interactive assistant that gives you immediate answers to your most pressing questions during a material event, anytime, anywhere.

AiDA is an analyst in your pocket giving you the answers you need when you need them.

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The power of an analyst in your pocket

AiDA uses AI and natural language processing technology to identify intent in user questions and give you an immediate response. Ask AiDA questions about activity, documents and participants in the deal room and get instant answers. AiDA identifies the context and intent in your questions to provide the best result.

AiDA knows best

AiDA has over 20 skills to bring to the deal team and is learning more every day. It not only understands your questions, but can apply the intelligence in future interactions as well, saving you from providing the context more than once.

Answers in an instant

Thoughtfully designed, our first version has come to the iPhone to make life easier for business executives in the deal process. With the most up-to-date critical information available on demand ahead of crucial calls and bidder negotiations, dealmakers and business executives will be able to run a deal more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Less effort, more focus

AiDA greatly improves process efficiency by eliminating the need for advisors to spend any time manually running reports, filtering spreadsheets or providing ad hoc updates. It eliminates low value work so that clients, managing directors and analysts can focus on what’s really important - driving deal outcomes.


Negotiations are all about the edges – you are constantly looking for something that can give you an edge. Having this kind of information readily available is what can give us this advantage.

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