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How to avoid legal challenges in your transport and infrastructure projects

Get practical tips on how to avoid legal risks in your current and next transport and infrastructure project

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Sharing their experiences, insights and lessons learnt, our experts will provide practical tips that can be applied to your project to minimise the risk of legal challenges.

Learn about:

(1) Why transport & infrastructure projects are more susceptible to legal challenges.
(2) What key project stages are vulnerable to legal challenges and why.
(3) Real-life examples and learnings from transport & infrastructure projects that have been impacted by legal challenges.
(4) Practical tips on how to avoid legal challenges on your own large, complex transport & infrastructure project.

About our guest speakers:

Jean-Christophe (JC) Barth-Coullare, Executive Director at WAPPP | Co-Founder European Champions Alliance @World Association of PPP Units & Professionals

Michele Connolly, Partner | Head of Corporate Finance | EMA Head of Global Infrastructure @KPMG

David Baxter, Senior PPP Advisor | Steering Committee Member of WAPPP @International Sustainable Resilience Center (ISRC)

Andy Potter, Business Development Director (EMEA) @Ansarada