What does best practice PPP management look like?

Watch the webinar and compare yourself to the gold standard of PPP management.

By AnsaradaWed Jun 10 2020Tenders

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Last week, we hosted a webinar with special guest David Baxter - Steering Committee Member of the World Association of PP Units and Professionals, to discuss best practice PPP management, including:

PLANNING & FEASIBILITY: Effective management of project procurement TORs, award decisions and future O&M decision making requires the creation of a comprehensive information management system, with digital archives that are safely stored and retrievable.
RECORD KEEPING: Design, build, financing, operations, maintenance (DBFOM) stages each have a variety of information needs that must include the archiving of decision-making throughout the lifetime of the PPP project & management team transitions.
PROCUREMENT PROBITY: Adopting probity best practices is key to running defensible PPP procurements; this results in good project governance, minimizes opportunities for corruption and increases private sector confidence.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: An easily accessible and synchronized project management archive is critical for project success and must enable information flows that support decision making.
COVID-19: When force majeure crises strike, timely information flows must occur in a data rich environment. This requires a robust, flexible, sustainable and resilient decision-making matrix that engages all parties. Changes to project management deliverables, expected outcomes, responsibilities must be documented to prevent future disputes.
Efficient & trackable access to the right information = time and money saved.
Does your PPP process embrace ‘best practice’?
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