COVID-19 Financial Survival Webinar

In this webinar, turnaround and restructuring expert Rob Brauer of McGrathNicol discusses the actions Directors can take to respond to the crisis, stabilise the business, and determine their best plan moving forward.

By AnsaradaWed Apr 22 2020Debt raising / restructuring, CEO-CFO

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Am I solvent? In this climate, Directors need to properly inform themselves of the company’s position, develop a plan and take action, with the right expert advice.
Turnaround and restructuring expert Rob Brauer of McGrath Nicol hosts with Ansarada’s Chief Commercial Officer Natasha Davidson to discuss how Directors can maintain their duties and stabilise business until they can return to a state of normalcy, while looking ahead at the possibility of a restructure – informal or otherwise.
In this informative webinar, Rob addresses legislation changes in place from the Australian government, the industries facing the largest economic impact, and most importantly, critical considerations and actions for Directors to take now.

Get a preview of the COVID-19 Financial Survival Pathway, built in conjunction with McGrathNicol, to help you focus on those actions that will help you react to the crisis, assess your financial position, and achieve stability before assessing your next move.

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