Logistics M&A: Financial Survival Webinar

Hosted in partnership with Ron Lentz, Managing Partner of Logisyn, the webinar offers practical tools and guidance for companies navigating supply chain disruption in the logistics industry.

By AnsaradaFri May 15 2020Debt raising / restructuring, Mergers and acquisitions, Industry news and trends

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On Thursday, 14 May we hosted a Logistics M&A: Financial Survival webinar with seasoned expert Ron Lentz, Managing Partner at Logisyn Advisors, to discuss how companies in the Logistics industry can learn to thrive amid supply chain disruption. 

Sean Elder, our VP of American Sales, and Will Lurie, our Lead Customer Success Manager (Americas) joined the discussion on how companies and their advisors can juggle the task of preparing for an exit or a restructure while managing their business effectively in the current climate.

Some of the key highlights covered during the webinar included:
  • “First who; then what. Get the right people on the bus. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have the right people, in the right jobs, doing the right activities - today.” Ron Lentz, Managing Partner, Logisyn
  • “In the medical profession, prescribing a treatment before a diagnosis is called malpractice. You want to take that same approach to strategy when doing a thorough diagnosis of your business including – people, capabilities, cash, execution, and the market amongst others. It’s a long list – but if you come up with a few guiding principles to manage this process, you’ll find the right strategy.” Sam Riley, CEO and Co-founder, Ansarada discussing one of the biggest mistakes a company can make right now

Post Webinar Q&A: In the example you give – it has become fairly apparent that the company requires outside help to resuscitate the business. Can you think of any early indicators or warning signs companies in this space can look for to ensure they are engaged with an advisor like Logisyn with a more favorable runway?
  • “Great question – you really do need to understand – what are the key elements of my business? Cash is #1 obviously. Beyond that – you have to stay in touch with your customers and get engaged. Remember that your customers are the reason for your business going forward. And remember that there are people like Ansarada and Logisyn out there to help you with this. Unfortunately, you have to focus 100% of your time on your business – so sometimes you can’t really see what is happening outside of that. The example I gave – they were smart people – we didn’t bring in any outside people to help run that company – all we did is point them in the right direction to provide that perspective on those blind spots. This helped get them back on track and ultimately sell the business.” Ron Lentz, Managing Partner, Logisyn

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