The antidote to uncertainty? Ansarada’s new data report makes sense of the market

Ansarada uses hundreds of thousands of anonymized real-time data points to reveal powerful emerging trends across deal types and industries in their FY23 Deal Indicators Report.

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SYDNEY, 22 August 2022 – Ansarada, the global leader in modern deals technology, today launched their FY23 Deal Indicators Report, a comprehensive trends report based on insights gathered through their Data Rooms throughout the 2022 financial year.
The report uses anonymized, real-time data aggregated through tens of thousands of Data Rooms – including deals that are active and ongoing – to show emerging trends an average of 6-12 months before they’re announced to the market.
“Data has always been an integral part of our approach to improving products to benefit our customers. By ordering more than 400,000 data points from active deals, we can uncover a few powerful truths in Indicators and help our customers make informed decisions based on real-time data,” says Ansarada CEO Sam Riley.

The transactional insights surfaced in Indicators reveal:

  • A stabilization of the post-COVID boom, with an 8% decrease (QoQ) in new M&A deals commencing globally
  • Telltale signs that the predicted wave of insolvencies is arriving, with a 25% increase (QoQ) in bankruptcy & insolvency transactions globally
  • IPO bankers may be waiting some time for a turnaround, with a 38% decrease (QoQ) in public offerings
  • Read the full report for more, including capital raising, targeted acquisitions, and impact on deal durations and M&A bidder groups 


In industry M&A news:

  • The TMT sector is still coming out on top, with Tech M&A increasing by 35% (QoQ) and Communication Services M&A by 33% (QoQ)
  • Energy (-14%) and Industrials (-22%) took a dive while Utilities and Materials saw an uplift of 6% and 12% respectively (QoQ)
  • Financial Services M&A was stable at 5% growth, with Insurance M&A (24%) a standout
  • Read the report for more, including Consumer Markets, Financial Services, Real Estate, and in-depth industry breakdowns


Industry commentary:

  • “This is empirical confirmation of what we are beginning to see on the ground: increased business distress across the board, but particularly in construction, property and retail. Business needs to prepare for economic headwinds.” - Noel McCoy, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright Australia

  • “The dearth of IPO activity we have felt in the first two quarters of 2022 is clearly supported by the Q4 FY22 Indicators data… Most potential IPO candidates appear to have formed the view that the earliest listing they will consider is now first half 2023. Instead we are seeing our clients turn their focus to other growth opportunities to be funded by private capital, where required.” - Patricia Paton, Partner, Hamilton Locke

“Everything we create is designed to get peoples' businesses in better order and help them avoid the damage caused by complex processes, incomplete information and decision making without all the facts at hand,” says Ansarada CEO Sam Riley. “It’s all part of Ansarada’s mission to bring order to a chaotic world, and help you make sense of an uncertain market.” 

You can download the FY23 Indicators report on Ansarada’s website here.

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